About Me

Hey, y'all!  

I'm Lynn, a south Georgia girl that loves Jesus, family, adventure, good coffee, and everything to do with "making a house a home".

Here at Whispers from Wildwood, you'll read all about my latest ideas and projects to feather my nest.  I love to organize, decorate, plan parties, and look for ways to make my home feel welcoming and inspiring for my family and all who visit.

You may be wondering where the name Whispers from Wildwood comes from.  Well, it actually comes from the name of our rural subdivision, Wildwood Estates, here in the little hometown community where I was raised.  When I started my blog years ago to document family memories, I thought Whispers from Wildwood was an accurate way to describe how I feel about my own voice in this vast community of the internet. It may be a soft whisper and not heard by many, but I decided it was totally worth it to be brave and put myself out there.  It's here in the "wildwood", in the quiet of nature where I feel re-energized and allow my creativity to flourish.

I love to blog and share my passion for home decor, hospitality, and managing a home....all on a budget.  I also enjoy sharing my published work as well as family and thrifting adventures with you.

I hope you'll stop by often and join me on this journey to make my home a haven, a beautiful and safe place to escape the cares of this world.


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Heidi said...

Love your blog, heart warming. :)

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks so much, Heidi! I hope you'll stop by often!