Benefits of using Jojoba Oil

This is a collaboration with Maple Holistics

You would have to be living under a rock these days to have not heard about the benefits of using essential oils.  Nature provides so much of what we need for survival, so the fact that plants hold ingredients that can heal and enhance our daily living should be no surprise.  Yet, so many people are skeptical of the "power of plants". I am not one of those people, however. 

That's why I was more than happy to try a product from Maple Holistics when they contacted me.

As a 49 year old, I'm always looking for ways to help problem areas, especially on my face. I don't mind so much the fine lines around my eyes, but I've noticed in recent years that those lines are also showing up around my lips and between my eyes.  Those I don't like so much 😁  So I chose Jojoba Oil for treating these problem areas. 

Jojoba Oil is a therapeutic grade pure oil recommended for skin care and hair care.  It is cold pressed and unrefined from the Simmondsia chinesis botanical. It's an all-in-one cleanser , moisturizer, carrier oil, and makeup remover. 

After cleaning my face each night, I applied a little of the oil around my lips. I also applied it to any dry areas on my face. It's a thinner oil than some of my other oils, but I feel that helps it to absorb more quickly into my skin, without feeling greasy. The fact that it's thinner makes it an ideal carrier oil for other uses. 

I've noticed a significant difference in my skin by using Jojoba Oil as a moisturizer and I would highly recommend it to others. But don't just take my word for it.  Check out their blog on the website and read about the benefits of all of their natural products.  The staff is super friendly and they would be glad to assist you in choosing the right product just for you. 

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