Adding farmhouse charm with peel and stick wallboards

I love home decor and design and have an appreciation for many types of decorating styles.  But at the beginning of 2018, I made the decision to figure out what home decor style really represents me and the things I love the most. It didn't take me long to acknowledge that homes that speak to my heart are full of cottage and farmhouse charm.  So, I set out to work on any unfinished rooms and to really define this style in our home. The room that needed the biggest transformation was our dining room.

The dining room has been painted a couple of different times since we moved into our home and we had a chair rail in there as well.  I felt the biggest way to transform the space into a cottage, farmhouse look was to add ship lap or a similar product to the bottom half of the walls.  I decided to reach out to a company to collaborate with me and make this transition possible.  That's when I discovered TimberWall.  This great company offers "peel and stick" wallboard that I had recently seen others use and was excited to try.  Keeping with the cottage/farmhouse theme, I chose Nordic - Ice Mist because I wanted white walls in this space to bring in more light.

The top half of our dining room walls had recently been painted white already, so all we needed to do was install the wallboards on the bottom half under the chair rail.

Of course, there was alot of measuring and cutting, but the boards went up easily. 

I'm so thankful to have a husband that is on board with all of these diy projects and has the skill to help me with them. Especially when the cuts involve outlets or uneven walls 😕

I am thrilled with how it all turned out!  The space now reflects the cozy cottage, farmhouse style I love so much. It also looks good next to the breakfast room and foyer area as it allows the spaces to flow together nicely.

If you've been thinking about using a peel and stick wallboard product, I highly recommend TimberWall.  Also, if you order through them, they are giving a discount to my followers.  Just use the code: ATHOMEINTHEWILDWOOD19 for 10% off your total order. 

Now, for a little fun....let's take a look at the dining room and how it has changed over the last 10 years.  It's amazing how different it looks!

When we built our home, reds and golds were the hot colors.  Also, I didn't have a clear vision of what "my style" was.  I do think it was pretty though and we enjoyed it for many years.

As my home got lighter and brighter in color over the years, the bottom half was painted a moody blue with white on the top half. I loved the beautiful color of blue, but it no longer fit with the main part of our home. 

And here it is now.  I'm so pleased with the end result and love having this white backdrop to decorate around for any season or holiday.

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