A Redneck Christmas

I love to entertain and one of my favorite annual events to host is our family's Christmas party.  Each year we choose a theme to add a little more fun to the holiday festivities, and this year was "A Redneck Christmas".  I wanted my costume to be a little different than everyone else.....imagine that 😄....so I decided to be Miss Demeanor, a redneck beauty queen. 

This was definitely the easiest party I've ever decorated for!  Doesn't take much to be tacky 😊

I found this cute recipe on Pinterest.  They really do look like cigarettes, don't they?

Me with my sisters and our mom

My sister, Suzanne and her family should win a prize for their photo!  

Me and my son, Dillan

My sister, Shaana and her family looked great as well.  When Shaana walked in with that fake baby bump, I had to take a double-take lol!

We had a great time......lots of fun and laughter, as always.  And we're already scheming for next year.  What do you and your family do for fun during the holidays?  If you're looking for something different, try a themed Christmas party to liven things up.  

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