Country Living Fair: Where the pages of Country Living Magazine come to life

I had my first opportunity to attend a Country Living Fair  this year and it was simply amazing!  It was as if the pages of Country Living Magazine just came to life. 

Speaking of coming to life....they had so many of these life size magazine covers!  
Perfect photo ops ๐Ÿ˜

So many antique and architectural salvage goodies!  I was in heaven!

The fudge from Chocolate Moonshine Co was to die for!  We chose the peanut butter and chocolate. By the way, they ship, so go check them out if you're needing some holiday goodies.

I'm so thankful that the Mister enjoys going with me on all these fun adventures. He truly is my best friend and makes all our trips so much more fun ๐Ÿ˜Š

One of my son's good friends from college days was there also.  As a matter of fact, she is the one that made sure I knew about this event because she knew I would love it.  
It's always so good to see sweet Sterling ๐Ÿ’“ She is very near and dear to our hearts. 

So much inspiration every where for the Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays.

The highlight of the trip for me was meeting one of my Instagram friends in real life, Pamela @theblondenest. She and her daughter attended the fair and also stayed at the Stone Mountain Inn like we did. We met up at the fair for quick hellos and a picture and then got together for dinner again that evening. We've decided we should try to make this an annual event and are also hoping that some of our other IG friends from Georgia can attend. 

I'm glad the fair comes before the holidays gets here because since I've returned, things have been so busy!  Because I host Thanksgiving for our family, I haven't started my Christmas decorating, but I sure am itching to do so. I picked up a few Christmas items at the fair and look forward to using them in my holiday decor this year. Stay tuned for a Christmas tour of my home later. 

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