My Review: 10-Day Green Smooth Cleanse

At the start of a new year, so many of us are ready to jump back on the healthy living train and give it another go.  We've made it through the holidays, but probably unscathed from all the extra "eats and treats" that go with the season.

There are many options for one to choose from concerning diet and exercise, but I have discovered over the years that a well balanced, healthy lifestyle is the only thing that will work for me to maintain my weight and good health.

I've tried lots of diets to lose the few unwanted pounds that inevitably creep up on me as I get older. Some of them I liked, some I didn't, but many of them will work.....if you stick with them.  Like I said, it has to be a healthy lifestyle change to have lasting results.

I have found that doing a total body cleanse always works well for me before getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.  We take in so many toxins from what we eat to the environments we are continually in, so getting rid of all those nasty toxins is a great way to jump start any fitness routine.

In the past, I have used a particular pill product from a health food store.  It worked really well for me to cleanse my body of all the bad stuff, but this year I was excited to try something new.

While I don't blog every day, you can always find me on Instagram.  I am a part of a wonderful home decor community on there and have made many friends.  Two of those lovely ladies on there are Jodie and Julie, The Design Twins.  I'm putting their blog link here instead of their separate Instagram accounts, but be sure to look them up on there and follow them as well.

Anyway, Jodie and Julie shared on IG that they would be doing a 10 Day Green Smooth Cleanse in January.  I had never heard of this book, but because I love smoothies and was just about to do a detox anyway, I decided to join them.  They even put together a Facebook group for accountability.

Well, as of January 17th, I completed the 10 day cleanse, so I wanted to tell you guys about it in case you are interested in something like this.

I made sure to not only weigh myself, but also take some body measurements to help me document the results of this cleanse.  At the end of the 10 days, not only did I lose 5 pounds, I also lost an inch in my waist.  The Mister says it also looks feels 😊 like I lost weight in my hips.  It's so hard to take body measurements in the exact same place each time....well, for me anyways.  So, perhaps, I lost some there too!

We all know that we can't just go by the scales for sure.  Especially when we are working out and maybe gaining muscle.  Plus, at any given point throughout the day, our weight can fluctuate based on the time of day, if we just ate, monthly cycles, etc.

So anyway, YAY for good results on the scale to motivate us to continue, right? And I didn't work out one single day on this cleanse!

One thing about this cleanse that surprised me was that I really didn't get hungry.  I've substituted smoothies before for meals, but I always end up hungry a couple of hours later.  But something was different about these smoothies.  I don't know if it was because I was also getting in my 64 oz of water daily or that I added protein powder to each smoothie.  But it was very easy to stay satisfied between meals (smoothies).

We were also allowed certain snacks that the book lists, so I believe that also helped me keep my blood sugar level throughout the day.  I wasn't irritable or grouchy like I can get sometimes when my blood sugar fluctuates.

Image result for nature bliss almond milk creamer

Another thing I learned was that I could enjoy my coffee without adding sugar to it.  Yes, of course it tastes better with a little sugar, but I allowed myself to have coffee in the morning with a splash of almond milk creamer. You're really supposed to avoid caffeine on this cleanse, but because of migraine issues, I, and several others, kept coffee in our daily diet.  Dairy was not allowed, but I usually use almond milk anyway, so a splash of that made my coffee very enjoyable.  Of course, there is some sugar in the creamer I used, (5 grams total), but that was the only sugar I had other than that in the fruit I had in my smoothies.

It's now 2 weeks later and I have kept off the five pounds.  I'm still leaving off sugar in my coffee, avoiding bread most of the time, and I feel great!  There's been no bloating or headaches after eating which were common for me before this cleanse.

 If you're looking to do a body cleanse to jump start your weight loss or exercise routine, I highly recommend this 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.  You can probably get the book in most book stores, but it is also available on Amazon for a great price.

Commit this year to take care of yourself and be the best healthy version of "you" possible ;)

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