Easy weekend DIY project

I love to go thrifting and find unique pieces to redo for my home. Recently, I found this adorable little wood side table for only $30.00 and I knew it would be perfect for this corner in my living room.  

The table top was darker than what I wanted and of course, the old yellow paint on the base needed to be repainted with something more fitting for my home.

The first thing I did, of course, is wipe the entire piece down to remove any dirt and debris.  Then I got to work sanding the top.  It literally took only minutes to sand off the old stain using our two favorite sanders. 

The natural wood was just beautiful and I decided to only cover it with a wax to protect it.

After a couple of coats of chalk paint, the ugly yellow paint was completely covered up.

So much better already, right?  

The white paint was a little too bright for my taste, so the Mister helped me age it with a little creme wax.  You just use a lint free cloth to wipe the wax on and then wipe it back off, getting it thicker in crevices to give it an aged appearance.

I'm such a lucky girl to have him help me with so many of my projects. Even the simple ones that I can do myself, he always likes to pitch in and help 💓

I decided to leave the sides of the top with the original stain to make it more interesting.

And I love the way it turned out!  Such an easy DIY project that can be done in a day from start to finish.  Don't let a little sanding and painting keep you from purchasing those pieces you really like.  Sand paper and paint can really go a long way to make a piece work for you and your home.

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