A Mountain Vacation: Dillard, GA

The second part of our vacation (and our longest stay), was a trip to the beautiful North Georgia/North Carolina mountains.  I think the beach is a beautiful place and I love to visit in the summer, but I'm a mountain girl at heart!  There's no place I'd rather be!  Whether we are hiking the AT or vacationing, it's pure heaven to me 💓

When we arrived in Dillard, Georgia, we couldn't get to the antique stores and flea markets fast enough!  There are so many places to shop, but I'll share more about that in a minute. 

Originally, we wanted to stay at the Dillard House Hotel, but changed our minds and opted for another local hotel.  I had been to the restaurant one time a long time ago, but neither of us were familiar with the other accommodations. We decided we'd check it out while we were in town. 

One day we drove to Highlands, North Carolina and found this cute little barn store along the way. The sweet little lady was about to close for the day, but she let us come in and look around.  I didn't want to keep her, so I tried to #scanscanscan (private joke for those of you who follow us on the Peaches to the Beaches yard sales every year 😁), so I didn't purchase anything here.

Somewhere along the way, we came across Bridal Veil Falls and jumped out for a quick picture.

This awesome salvage store is located in Otto, NC.  Otto Depot is the name of it and it's a must-see when you are in the area!  Here's just a glimpse of what they have to offer:

A few of my treasures...

We decided to have dinner at the Dillard House our last night in town. 

The grounds are beautiful and so are the mountain views!

This photo was taken in front of the Dillard House Inn.  I fell in love with the place and really want to stay on site next trip.

There are so many antique malls to visit in nearby towns.  I could have purchased something at every stop, but I had to restrain myself lol!

This sweet little town is Dillsboro, NC.  I loved all the little shops!  The town is full of so much character and charm!

We bought some delicious chocolate at the Chocolate Factory.  Their coffee was really good too!

Somewhere along the way back to Dillard, we saw this old school house that had been turned into an antique mall, and man, let me tell you.....it was incredible!

The main hallway was filled with cases of beautiful antique and vintage items. So were the classrooms and the cafetorium.

My favorite flea market by far was the one we stopped at on our way home.  It was there that I found my unicorn.....a seltzer bottle!

I could go on and on about our trip, but I'm sure you can already tell that it's a thrifter's dream!  I cannot wait to go back for a few more days for more treasure hunting!

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