Eclectic Fall Decor: Boho, Farmhouse, Cottage Style

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year!  I love everything that it represents: pumpkins, hay rides, football, festivals, and good food!  And while I also love all the beautiful traditional colors of fall, this year, I decided to go with a more neutral tone in my home decor.

I love real pumpkins, but for inside my home, I mostly use the fake ones.  And you can purchase some real cute pumpkins at dollar stores and Walmart....not just the bigger home decor stores.  This year, I also did a simple DIY pumpkin craft to cover some in sweater fabric.  I'll show you that in a different post later.  And let's talk about this fabric garland I made for my log mantel.  I am so in love with it!  This was my first time making one of these and I think it's the perfect bohemian touch to this rustic space.

My biggest project this summer was redoing my dining room.  New paint went up on the walls, and there was lot and lots of sanding and painting furniture.  Whose bright idea was it to sand and paint in the south Georgia summer heat? 🤔

But it was totally worth every drop of sweat and I'm so glad we got it done.  I don't know what I'd do without the Mister helping me with these big projects.  The room is much lighter and brighter and it has a cottage/farmhouse feel to it.

Speaking of the Mister, have y'all seen his dough bowls?  Oh my goodness!!!  I have wanted one for a long time, but didn't want to pay what they are asking for them in the stores.  So he decided to make me one. This one on my dining room table is made of black walnut and it is gorgeous!  I used it to hold pumpkins and florals in neutral color tones where light blue and white are the main colors in the space.  I'll try to do a separate post on the before and afters of this space.

This beautiful piece in the foyer is always fun to restyle for the seasons. I decided to do something totally out-of-the-box this year and use the Mister's railroad lantern collection.  We started collecting some of these vintage goodies when he started working for CSX.

I love to pair metal, glass, and wood together.  I think it makes for an interesting mix and I'm enjoying how eclectic and rustic this space is as it welcomes people into my home.

Screening in our back porch early in the year was the best decision ever!  We have really enjoyed this outdoor space......and let's face it, it's just one more room for me to decorate 😊

I'm still decorating additional spaces for the fall season, but this is the main areas.  If you aren't following along on Instagram, be sure to follow me @whispersfromwildwood so you don't miss alot of the day-to-day decorating ideas and fun hashtag parties.  Hope to see ya on the Gram!

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