Sleepin' Pretty on Downlite


You don't really appreciate a good night's sleep until you don't get one.  As a chronic migraine sufferer, I quickly learned the importance of proper neck alignment during sleep.  That's why I was excited to give this Sealy Posturepedic pillow from Downlite a try.

This Total Performance Pillow has been the answer to my prayers, and I'm now sleeping like a baby once again. The Mister is loving his as well 😉.  If you need better sleep, I highly recommend it!

Downlitebedding is offering my Instagram followers a 15% discount code for their next purchase.  Just use DYGEN15 when you make a purchase on their website (don't forget to go follow me first @whispersfromwildwood)

Take advantage of this offer now because not only are their pillows great for sleeping, they are pretty on your bed as well.  And we ladies all know how important that is 😉

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