Budget Friendly Makeovers for the Home

It seems I always have a project in the works.  Usually just little projects, but I need to do a better job of keeping you guys updated on what they are. So, let's play a little catch-up on a few simple projects I completed this summer, shall we?

This spring, we finally got around to screening in our back porch.  You can read all about that here.  But then I was met with the task of finding a few key pieces of furniture to complete the area.  

I wanted a bar cart to hold drinks/snacks and decorative items year around, but I didn't want to go out and purchase anything.  I'm a big fan in using what you have on hand and re-purposing pieces.  A photo I saw on Instagram reminded me I had one of these wood framed laundry hampers in my attic and I decided it was the perfect piece to transform into a bar car.

I asked the mister to add a single shelf to make it more functional and he did that in a jiffy!

Then all I had to do was throw on a quick coat of paint.  I used my go-to favorite color, Satin Heirloom White by RUST-OLEUM.

I did two coats to make sure it covered well, and then she was ready to style.

You could also add another shelf for more storage, but I chose to leave it like this in case I wanted to put something tall underneath the bottom shelf.

It's the perfect bar cart and doesn't take up too much space on our tiny porch.

Another little project that I completed was cleaning up this cute little book shelf I found while out thrifting. I wanted to create a little reading corner in my living room and thought this small piece would be perfect for the space.

I sanded off the sheen from the existing stain and then wiped it down to make sure it was clean and ready for paint.

It took a few coats to cover completely.

And of course, the Mister always does gets his hands on the can.  He's great at spraying even coats and helps me with all of my painting projects.

And here she is in the little reading corner.  All I need now is a better reading light and an ottoman to prop up my feet.  I plan to get good use of this little corner when the days start to get cooler.


Some of you may remember this old swing body I purchased for almost nothing at a scrap metal yard.  I needed a bench for the back porch, but didn't want to spend an arm and leg on one.  We all know how expensive outdoor furniture is! 

The only thing really wrong with this piece was the arms were broken off and there was a bit of rust in the curves of the body.

The mister replaced those sections and created new arms with pipe we purchased at Home Depot.

Then he made a large base for it to sit on out of scrap lumber we had in the garage. Typically, we wouldn't have made the base so chunky, but we wanted it to be sturdy for afternoon naps and I knew I was adding a cute ticking fabric skirt to hide the base anyway.

The end result is a cute little sofa to relax on in our outdoor room. We are enjoying it so much and I can't tell you the  number of times I've swapped out decorative pillows!  Can't wait to style it for the fall and Christmas seasons!


The last little project was also for the back porch.  I needed something to go on each side of the old door that came out of the church I grew up in. I found this cute little metal screen at a thrift store and knew with the cathedral styled top, it would be perfect.

The mister took them apart and we hung one on each side.  I still need to find a few more glass votives for each side and then I plan to add succulents to complete the look.  

So there you have it!  A few of the little projects that have taken place this summer.  

Now I just need to add globes on the light fixture in my dining room and the bamboo shade and I'll be showing you my dining room makeover from the month of July.

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