Summer Lovin'

Like many, I see summer as a time to slow down and relax.  A time to savor some of the simple things in life without the distractions of a busy schedule.

I would love to take the entire summer off work and do only what I wanted to do, but of course, that's simply not possible.  I have to keep a job...and of course, there are other things in life that will always require attention.  But that's no excuse to let the summer fly by without feeling like I've enjoyed it to the fullest.

So how do I do that?  I make a plan.  I choose to be intentional to make time for adventure, rest, and inspiration.  Here are a few things that are always on my list:

Enjoy seasonal foods

* I pick wild blackberries as soon as I spot them on the edge of the woods.  And of course, I use my Memama's recipe for homemade blackberry cobbler.  

* We also like to either grow our own vegetables or purchase them at market.  We enjoy eating them fresh and also freezing some to enjoy out of season.

Dirt Road Therapy

* I agree to ride dirt roads with the Mister at the drop of a hat. If you've never lived in a rural area, you may not appreciate "dirt road therapy".  But for the people in the south, in my neck of the woods anyway, there's no better way to wind down after a hot summer day than to take a long, slow ride on a dirt road where the only traffic you will see might be an occasional turtle 🐢

The ride is especially nice after a rainy day :)

Read a good book

* I make time to read a book or two and pick up my favorite magazines.  In a world of technology where we grab our iPhone as soon as we roll out of bed, I still love a good book or magazine. I like the feel and the smell of the pages.  I also find that my creativity and writer's brain is refreshed without hundreds of images to scroll through within minutes.

I'm about to read the book "Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul" by John Eldredge. I can't think of a more appropriate time of year to read this book as the Mister and I prepare for our upcoming vacation.  Last year was the first time we started going on a week-long vacation without the boys.  I hesitated to do this and leave them out, but it was probably the best decision we've made for our marriage in recent years.  There's nothing like a week with your love and no distractions!  I realize many of you still have littles at home and this isn't possible right now. But take it from me, the empty nest aint' so bad!

Day Trips/ Long weekends

* Go on day trips close to home or take advantage of a holiday when you have a long weekend off work.  You don't have to have alot of time or money to get away and appreciate the beauty in your own state.  Depending on where you live, you may even have tons of things to choose from just a few miles from home.  Make a plan and schedule in some fun trips to visit places you've never been or try something you've never done.  We like to go hiking and camping, try new restaurants, and go thrifting, just to name a few.

Bucket List

* Make a bucket list of things you'd love to do over the summer.  Last year was the first time I've made a summer bucket list, and I'm here to tell you that it will help you be even more intentional with your summer planning.  I was able to cross off alot of things that I wanted to do. I still haven't done a zip line or paddle-boarded, but I'm hoping to cross that off my list this summer!

Whatever your plans for the summer, I hope you will take the time to appreciate the season.  Although, I don't much appreciate 100 deg + days here in the south....or gnats 😖, I'm making the most of it because before we know it, the kids will be back in school and it'll be time for those beautiful Friday night lights....aahhhh..... 😊 I do love the fall of the year most!

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