Back Porch Project: Before and After

Well, if you're on Instagram, it's old news that the Mister and I screened in our back porch recently.  It's something we've talked about doing for a few years and finally got around to actually doing it.  I was determined to get it done before the huge South Georgia mosquitoes made their debut this year. I took a few photos of the process to show you what a huge difference it made.  I now have an outdoor room and we are loving it!

Scott used to be a draftsman...actually went to school to do that type of work...so he drew the vision he had in his head to see if it's what I was also wanting....and it was.  Great minds think alike ;)

Not sure we did everything exactly to the drawing specs, but we got the job done.  Well, they (Scott and his dad) got the job done!  I just watched 😜

This is what the space looked like before....

Here's the view from the yard.  As you can see, it's a pretty wide opening.  You can also tell just how hot and bright the sun is in our back yard.  It's alot of wear and tear on the stained railings.  But one good thing about this porch is that it's under the actual roof line of the house, so it's protected from rain. That's always good when you're talking about adding comfy furniture and a rug to an outdoor space.

The first thing they did was frame out the opening so a door would fit there.  I think that whole process instantly made it look more like a room.

Here's another view from the yard.... 

Once the door was framed out, they began attaching the screen.  Because we already had railings in place, it made this project go such  much faster because there was already something there to attach the screen to.

Doesn't it look great?!  They also did trim on the outside to cover up where they attached the screen.  I just realized I still haven't taken a photo of that, but I'm also still needing to get the railings on the steps re-stained so it matches the porch. 

A couple of weeks before we started on the porch, I found a cute outdoor rug on sale at Walmart for only $30.00 It's a nice neutral tan/gray color, so it'll go with alot of different colored pillows and cushions on the furniture.

I still need to get another fan (which is a must in South Georgia during the summer) and a few more decor pieces, but it's basically finished, and we are enjoying it so much!

When you walk out the back door onto the porch, the grill is conveniently on the right. We also put a small dorm refrigerator out there in this same area so we can keep cold drinks handy.

Now I finally have a comfy, cozy place outside to hang out year around.  It's going to be so much fun decorating for the seasons and holidays!  I can't wait!

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