Kitchen Desk Turned Coffee Bar

Months ago, I got the idea to transform a rarely used area of my kitchen into a coffee bar.  When you have a coffee maker and a Keurig, as well as regular hot cocoa and tea drinkers visit your home, it's nice to have an area to house supplies for all of these things.

When we built our home eight years ago, we converted an open space into a desk area for our then desk top computer (does anyone still use those?).  I guess we might still would for convenience if ours still worked, but it died.  And so did the printer in there.

Since we all have laptops, iphones, and ipads now, that desk area was just becoming a catch-all for junk.  When we finally got around to removing the computer and printer, I remembered seeing Katie with Bower Power convert an area like this into a coffee bar and I loved the idea!

Well, months later, I finally got this project completed.  When Dillan was home for Christmas holidays, he and Scott helped get rid of/hide all the cords.  And then the fun started for me!

Without using this as a desk, we were able to unplug the lamp (plan to install under cabinet lighting), and the paper shredder, and even realized we should move the wireless internet router to the top of the refrigerator out of the way.

my hired help :)

I moved the magnetic board and calendars off the refrigerator as well and Scott plans to install a small piece of sheet metal inside the far right upper cabinet to post those important phone numbers and what have you.  In case you're wondering, all those upper cabinets hold decorative items and extra dishes and serving pieces when not in use.  You can NEVER have too many cabinets, right? 

hiding all the cords

While doing some after Christmas shopping, I found the cute "Treat yo Self" canister and the little white tea canister at Home Goods.  I purchased the log pieces at Hobby Lobby for each coffee maker to sit on and to hold the tea, honey, sugar cubes, and dish of candy.  The "but first coffee" sign also came from Hobby Lobby.

My two-tiered tray holds containers of marshmallows and chocolate/caramel chips to add to hot cocoa.  I'm still looking for a white container to house the cocoa but for now it's labeled in a clear canister.  

 This cute little broom hanging like a tassel on the tray is a gift from my in-laws from their trip to the mountains this summer. It's actually a pot scrubber, but I would never in a million years use it for that.  It's hand made and so cute hanging there as a conversation piece.

I love how this area turned out!  It's so nice having these items in one space.  And can I tell you, this is my first Keurig.  I know right.  Hard to believe. When they first came out, I didn't want one because I thought it would be a waste of time just making one cup of coffee at a time. (I drink 4 cups every morning before doing anything).  But I recently decided it wouldn't be an inconvenience at all and I'm so in love with it!  Now I'm obsessed with all the different types of coffee/tea I can use with it.

We'll still use the two desk drawers and upper cabinets like we have been, but Dillan suggested turning the empty space under the desk into an area for Lucy's dog bed.  I'm seriously thinking about that since we put her in the kitchen behind baby gates when we're gone.  We always have to move her bed from the living room to the kitchen, so this would be very convenient.  What do y'all think?  Would it look out of place or could I fix the area up to make a cute little place for her to rest?

Also, the bottom cabinet has held office supplies and such that we will be moving.  I can always use the space to store trays and extra serving pieces or appliances.  If you're one to enjoy wine or a nice mixed drink frequently, such a space could also be used to house alcohol.  And that would totally be appropriate for a bar area like this.  

I'd love to know what you think of the space.  Shoot me a quick email or reply in the comments for this post.

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