Christmas in Wildwood

Merry Christmas and welcome to Wildwood Estates.  So glad you stopped in to take a peek at my home for the holidays.

I love Christmas and enjoy adding festive little touches of the season around my home each year. Some years, that means less is more.  And this was one of those years.

If you're like me and love everything about decorating and design, you probably spend alot of time like I do looking at the beautiful homes of other bloggers on Instagram.  Just as there are so many different styles of decorating, there are many ways to decorate your home for the holidays as well.

I'm a firm believer in using what you have and doing what you love!  When you don't break the bank to decorate and use items and pieces that you enjoy, you can't go wrong.

If I had to classify my Christmas decorating style, it would be traditional with a little vintage-eclectic vibe to add color and whimsy.  I also love the snow inspired themes with lots of shiny metals!  So as you walk through my home, you'll probably find a little of everything.

Up until last year, I've always used white lights on my Christmas trees.  Last year I was inspired by the multi-colored Christmas ornament wreath from Target and decided to also add color lights to my pre-lit tree.  You can't tell alot about it here, but I love how the pops of color from the lights compliment the many colors of ornaments. What you can tell is that a small section of lights at the top of the tree decided to go out :(

While I love so many types of Christmas trees, I always look forward to using the ornaments I have been collecting over the years.  I collect ornaments from vacation trips and have saved all of Dillan's 1st Christmas ornaments.  I love the hand made ones from his childhood and those that were given as gifts.  I've grown especially fond of sweet little ornaments that are reminiscent of that childlike faith and the belief in the magic of Christmas.  I picked up these two at Target on Black Friday this year and love them so much!

I have a large collection of nutcrackers, but I always put these two near the Christmas tree.  Have you guys ever seen the Nutcracker Ballet?  It's so awesome!  I've been fortunate enough to see it a few times and it's always breathtaking!

I also have a collection of Santas scattered around my home as well.

Something new I did this year was make my very own version of snow globes. I love the bottle brush trees and used them along with some old ornaments.  I even found a cute little gingerbread house at the Dollar Tree and it was perfect for a small snow globe!

As much as I love everything about Christmas, what I love most is the true meaning of Christmas.  I have 5 nativity sets that I spread throughout the house to help remind us of the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of our Lord and Savior, JESUS!

This summer, Scott and I added some open shelving above the bar in our kitchen.  I'm loving having this extra space to decorate for the seasons and different holidays. 

A hot cocoa station is a must for me every year.  The kids (and teens) in our family have come to look forward to helping themselves to a cup of hot chocolate at their visits.  Everything is set up in that one area for their convenience. 

In the breakfast area, I keep things simple and sweet.  I don't think any of my tables are ever the same from year to year.  I love playing around with what I have and trying new looks.  The Christmas dishes on this table are from the Dollar Tree.  I've had them for years and still love them!  

My pie safe is another area that I decorate year round.  After Christmas, I'll start swapping things out for a more wintry look.  Wintry....is that a word?

Just a reminder.... you don't have to spend alot of money to add a touch of Christmas to your home. You can purchase a cute set of Christmas dishes at your local dollar store usually. Also, look at thrift stores, and yard sales.  Everything doesn't have to match perfectly.  As a matter of fact, I'd prefer that it didn't.  I'd like to add more pieces to my set, so that may be something I look for at our next Peaches to Beaches trip. 

I love that my dining room is next to the breakfast area.  It's nice to have two groups of people still close together at large family gatherings.  But because they're two separate rooms, I usually do something more formal in the dining room.  We've repainted our kitchen and living room since we moved in our home, and the dining room is next on the list.  But I still love the red and you can't beat a red dining room at Christmas time!

I love live greenery and fresh flowers, but I've chosen to go with artificial the last few years.  We usually have a Christmas party and because I decorate early, I don't like having to replace greenery that's died.  Plus, you can find beautiful artificial flowers at places like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and even the craft section of Walmart.

Well, that about concludes the tour of my holiday home.  There are other rooms with a little bit of Christmas, but I mostly decorate the main living areas.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I've also included some links below for you to check out the homes of some of my favorite bloggers.  Just click on the link and enjoy more Christmas holiday inspiration!

Merry Christmas!

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