To the Christian Millennial (In Light of the Presidential Election)

I love your enthusiasm for living life in unconventional ways.  I love that you’re so tech savvy and creative.  I love that you speak your mind and take a stand for what you believe.  I love so many things about you.  But more than anything, I think I love your compassion the most.  You have compassion on those who are not only different from you, but those who are looked down on by people who fear them because they are different.  You have learned to love well.

You take the time to look for answers and you give ear to many.  But I have one request of you: also give ear to the older generation of Christians you disagree with. 

This political season has been a bitter one and we are all weary from the daily bombardment of news and opinions all around.  A choice has been made in this country and it was reached fairly.  Donald Trump is our President-Elect. 

It’s obvious not only working class Americans put him in office, but Evangelicals also played a huge part.  And I am one of those Evangelicals. 

Like many, I was excited about the outcome of this Presidential election.  I knew it wouldn’t go over well with the other side.  I knew they would do exactly what they accused us of doing if the results went the other way.  I knew there would be those who would protest and riot.

Having said all of that, I look at your conversations on social media and see that you seem to be more engaged in sympathies for the progressive agenda that lost in this election than for the thankfulness of the results by your fellow believers.  You fault the older generations of Christians for “choosing the lesser of two evils”.  And while that is one way to look at it, I ask you to also look at the political party platforms and see which lines up closer to scripture.  Don’t pay attention so much to the candidates and their personalities and what they always said or did…..for they are both severely flawed just as you and I. Also look at the policies introduced and consider how they impact our freedoms in this country as Christians. We have rights just like everyone else and our freedoms are under attack. 

It would take hours to go over specifics on the issues from this campaign.  But it only takes a moment to remind you of what you already know: God is in control. Apparently, Donald Trump is the person He wanted to serve as the next President of the United States. Look for the good in Him. Give him your ear and give him a chance.

Give ear to the older generations of believers who have watched the progressive movement in this country first take God out of the public schools and then go to great lengths to silence Christians and force social justice instead of justice for one and for all.

God’s Word instructs us to seek Godly wisdom. Allow Him to speak to you through prayer, scripture, and believers who have been walking in relationship with Him for longer than you have been alive.

Most importantly, pray for our nation, pray for all of those in political office, and pray for the Church, the Bride of Christ. I would argue that we have the most important role to play in this nation as we seek to advance the gospel and reach a lost and dying world with the love of Christ, beginning here in the United States.  
May God Bless America.


Anonymous said...

I shudder at your ignorance that you want a sociopath in charge of your country in the name of Christianity. This is one of the reasons I am leaving Christianity. I want no part of your God who would put evil in charge of innocents.

Anonymous said...

I really preferred the 8 years where God was in control and put Obama in charge.

Lynn Langford said...

Anonymous at 8:31 pm....

I can appreciate your comment. God is definitely in control regardless of who is in the Presidency. We should pray for our President whether we voted for them or not, and I certainly prayed for Obama. I just didn't agree with his policies.

Anonymous at 8:29 pm...

I do not consider myself ignorant in the least. I know what I believe and why I believe it and I know in whom I believe...Jesus Christ. Also, I do not consider Donald Trump a sociopath....he's just not interested in being politically correct....and neither am I.

I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving Christianity. Our God is a good god...we just live in a fallen world. Because of sin, we are forced to live with consequences from our own actions as well as that our nation. You made reference in your comment to "your country". I'm curious....what country are you from?