Hollingsworth and Co.

Our high school football season has officially come to an end for the year, so come Friday night, I won't know what to do with myself.  The good thing is that we still have college and pro ball to watch for a little longer.  You can't get too much football, right?

My nephew, Noah played QB for the JV team and played on the Varsity team as well.  He's only a freshman, but full of talent and promise.  We enjoyed so much watching him play this year!

These pictures are from my favorite JV game of the season where the team came from behind to get the win over the Red Devils.  Hollingsworth and Co. got it done!

When you play Class A ball, that means small schools....therefore, some players have to play both ways.  Noah was one of those players.  Here's a few shots of him on defense stopping a TD....

The bigger they are.........

the harder they fall!

Unfortunately, Noah had to end his season a couple of games early due to appendicitis.  It required surgery, so the last couple of games he had to stand on the side lines with his team mates.

Thankfully, surgery went well and he's doing great.  I know he missed being out there and is already looking forward to next season....and we are too!  Proud to be a Wilcox County Patriot!

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