A Political Party 🐘

I love a good party and I look for reasons to celebrate the little things in life. So why not celebrate an election night?

I've had an interest in politics since I was a young girl.  I can remember helping my family campaign for my grandfather who served as a county commissioner several terms.  I also campaigned for my county's State Representative several times and even served as a Page at the State Capital for him one year.

So for every presidential election since the year 2000 I've had my own little political party to watch the results come in.  And every part needs good food, right?!

On the menu this year: Right/Left Wings (Traditional & Hot Honey Mustard from Zaxby's)
                                         Poll Fries (french fries)
                                         Elephant Ears or Donkey Tails for dessert (recipe from Pinterest)
                                         Mixed Berry (red) Punch with frozen raspberries

Elephant Ears with a couple of Donkey Tails 

I even made Red Velvet cupcakes for another sweet treat


I decorated the bar in the kitchen with lots of red, white, and blue and an elephant or two.


It was a mind-blowing, historic night watching the results come in!  Regardless of what party you are affiliated with or what candidate you voted for, it was like nothing we've ever seen.  I'm relieved that it's all over now because it's been a stressful couple of years getting to November 8th.  I'll be praying for President-Elect Trump (that has a nice ring to it!) and VP-Elect Pence.  I'm thankful to be blessed to live in this great country and I will be praying for our country to begin a much needed healing process.

By the way, if you're interested in the Pinterest recipe I used for the cute elephant ears, you can find it here.

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