Day Hiking: Stone Mountain and Cherokee Trail

If you've never visited Stone Mountain, it's definitely something you should put on your bucket list!  When you catch that first glimpse of the Confederate figures carved into the stone, it literally will take your breath away!  I'm always in awe each time I've seen it.

Although I've been to Stone Mountain several times, I've never actually hiked up the mountain to the top.  Scott did years ago as a teen and Dillan has a few times in recent years.  So when I made out my summer bucket list, hiking Stone Mountain was a must. 

We arrived around 9:00 that morning, but it was already very crowded.  We had a hard time even finding a parking spot.

It's a pretty neat hike.  Not that difficult of terrain, until you get closer to the top, but it's definitely a good hike.

The last leg of the hike is the steepest part.  There are even hand rails in that section to help you pull yourself up if needed.

Almost there..............

Made it to the top!

What a view!

This was a neat little spot on the very top.  Dillan said there's been water there each time he's gone.

We carried a picnic lunch to enjoy when we made it to the top and then headed back down.

Gum Tree

We noticed on the map that there were other trails there to hike as well, so we looked for the Cherokee Trail near the bottom and started following it.

It was a nice change to be hiking in the woods like we are accustomed to....and hardly any other people on this trail.

We had to cross a railroad track, so Scott gave us a quick lesson about the type of work he does when he's on the track for CSX.

An old homestead in the woods.....

Took a little break and Dillan tried out his new ENO again.

Nice views of the mountain from Cherokee Trail......

Scott tried out the ENO too.......

The trail wound around parts of the park as well.  I had no idea the park was this big.

An old moonshine still.......

When you get closer to the end of the trail, it winds back through the park with a view of the beautiful carvings in the side of the mountain.

After hiking the mountain and Cherokee Trail, we had gone 5 miles. Good workout!  Then we headed back to Dillan's to rest a while before dinner.  After dinner, we headed to Marietta Square so they could do a little Pokemon hunting.

We tried Bubble Tea........and then headed back to Dillan's for the night.

Originally, our plans for this weekend were to be back on the AT to do our second section hike.  But Dillan had a wreck a couple weeks before and we were pressed for time to find him another car.

We went to Atlanta early that Friday morning and found a car he liked and could afford by that afternoon.  Because we were able to take care of all that on Friday, we decided to enjoy our Saturday and at least get in a good day hike somewhere.

I'm still amazed at all of the great places in the state of Georgia to hike.....especially around the Atlanta area.  If you've never been to Stone Mountain to see the laser show or hike the mountain, you should definitely go.  I bet the view from the top of the mountain is beautiful in the fall as well!  Go check it out!

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