Chasing Waterfalls

One of my favorite places to be is in the mountains of north Georgia.  I have so many fond memories of camping trips with my entire family throughout my childhood.  When Scott and I retire, I'd love to be able to have a small cabin somewhere up there on a mountain stream.  Pure heaven on earth to me!

It's been a while since we took a trip to the mountains, but when I listed hiking waterfalls in north Georgia on my summer bucket list, we agreed on a date and it was on the calendar.

We decided to just hike a couple of trails for our day trip up there during the 4th of July weekend and chose two falls pretty close together - Desoto Falls and Helton Creek Falls near Blairesville


We hiked Desoto Falls first since it was the longer of the two.

It's a beautiful hike that very much resembles parts of the Appalachian Trail to me.

Doesn't this look like a nice place to sit and ponder ?

There were two trails, leading to the upper and lower falls.

Hiking is an activity that we've grown to love, and I guess we can thank Dillan for that. That's what he wanted to do for his birthday a couple of years ago.  The study of the Appalachian Trail that prepared us for our first section hike actually opened up a whole new world for us.  There are so many trails to hike in the eastern part of the United States.  And there are numerous ones in Georgia alone, especially for day hikes.

Helton Creek Falls was a very quick hike and there were lots of people there due to the swimming spot at the base of the falls.

I love hiking so much!  You can take a leisurely stroll through the woods or challenge yourself with a more strenuous climb through the mountains.  Either way, you're improving your fitness with each step and making yourself stronger.  Not just physically, but mentally as well as you allow yourself time away from the world's distractions and just enjoy being in this beautiful world God gave us.

After our hike, we enjoyed lunch at Pappy's Place in nearby Blairesville.

Before heading back to the ATL, we drove through Nottley River Campground.

This is the campground where our entire extended family camped every year when I was growing up.  It's a very special place to us, filled with many memories of family vacations together.

I'd like to encourage those of you who lives in Georgia to check out some of the hiking trails available to us in our own great state.  You can't beat a walk in the woods!

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