From The Big Easy to the Beach- Part 1


I'm so behind with my blogging, but I've been busy living life.  And that's what we're supposed to be doing, right? Not sitting in front of a computer screen every day.  I'll get caught up on all of it sooner or later, but I wanted to go ahead and tell you about our vacation/anniversary trip....or at least part of the trip. 

This was the first time Scott and I have taken a vacation without our boys, but I guess it was about time since we're actually empty-nesters.  Plus, the week we decided we'd go was the same week we would be celebrating our 15 year anniversary.  What better way to celebrate than a quick trip to New Orleans followed by a relaxing rest of the week at the beach?

Maison Dupuy pool
Neither of us had ever been to NOLA, but have always wanted to go. I especially have since Dillan's time on the CW show, "The Originals".  We wanted to stay in the French Quarter where all of the beautiful old buildings are and where we'd be able to walk wherever we wanted to go. 

We stayed at Maison Dupuy on Toulouse Street which was just few blocks from the world famous Bourbon Street.  It was a super nice place with friendly staff and valet parking.

Maison Dupuy court yard

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, so we still had plenty of time to start exploring.  We spent pretty much the rest of that day on Bourbon Street where we enjoyed some great music, very interesting street performers, and some window shopping.




There were no alarms set for us to wake up at a certain time, but it's hard to sleep in when you've got places to see!  We were up by 7:00 Monday morning and started our day in search of a New Orleans French doughnut.  There were several things on my to do list while there, and the first one was a visit to the famous Cafe Du Monde for a beignet.  Locals say this is the place to go!


Even before 8:00 am, they were already filled up inside, so we got ours to go.  After that, we realized they were opening the porch area but found out we couldn't sit there because we had purchased ours to go.  What? Yeah....that's what I said.  So we found a spot down the side walk and wolfed those babies down!  Yum!


Another place I wanted to see was the St. Louis Cathedral located in Jackson Square.  You can see it in the distance from the river walk.


On the river walk with the Mississippi River behind us....



Jackson Square is a beautiful spot as well



I was so glad that we were allowed to walk inside of St. Louis Cathedral as well. 






We also visited the French Market


The rest of our morning was spent browsing all the shops.  We ended up on Canal Street where more of your modern businesses are located and found a Starbucks to cool us off and a place to rest our feet.

Then we headed back to Bourbon Street for lunch.....which wasn't this............

Scott wanted to have some great local cuisine and we found it at a restaurant called, New Orleans Bourbon St. We even had a window seat where we could "people watch".


We spent the rest of the day browsing shops and local attractions.

Famous House of Voodoo....we DID NOT go in there!


And we ended our last night listening to an awesome band called "In Your Ear".  We actually heard them the night before in a different location.  We headed back that way Monday night to hear them again and they weren't open.  So we went across the road to this place and low and behold, they showed up to play there!  It was meant to be!


After a quick breakfast Tuesday morning, we were packed up and on our way to Rosemary Beach for the remainder of the week.  I'll be sharing pictures of that in another post.


The only thing we didn't find time to do while there was visit one of the old cemeteries.  Maybe we'll make it back there again one day and do that as well as visit some of the swamps. Sounds like fun, huh?

If you've never been to NOLA, you should definitely go.  It's one of those places you have to experience for yourself....and I definitely enjoyed experiencing it with my Mister!

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Debra Schramm said...

Sounds like a great vacation so far! Let me know where ya'll stayed at Rosemary Beach. Dennis and I planning a vacation in that area next month. I've been searching for weeks and haven't found the right place to stay.