Hiking Providence Canyon

I guess you could say hiking is in our blood now. The AT has a way of doing that to you.  We hadn't been off the trail for two weeks when Scott and I decided to go hike Providence Canyon, Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon". 

We wanted to explore all of the canyon floor, so we hiked the 3-mile White Blaze Trail.  But by the time we climbed out of the canyon and hiked around the park back to the starting point, we had gone 7 miles....good workout!

The picture below is the start of the trail in the creek bed.  You have to hike down a small section of the approach trail to get to this point.

Not thinking that water is one of the causes for how this beautiful place was formed, I was surprised to see the streams on the canyon floor.  It was easy walking though....only one spot that was mucky.  And it was pretty cool down there too which made for a pleasant hike on a warm day. 

Scott laughed at me because each time I saw another canyon, I swore it was the prettiest. 

We started with Canyon 1 and by the time we got to the last few, I'm sure my mouth was falling open from such a beautiful sight.  I've never seen anything quite like it.  I can't even imagine how pretty the Grand Canyon must be!

While walking, we both thought about all of the old westerns we've seen over the years.  Can't you just see cowboys and Indians in a place like this?

We went on a Friday and although there were other hikers there, it was not crowded.  We also started early in the day and were done by lunch.  I highly recommend that for this time of the year!

If you live near the area, you really should go check it out for yourself.  There's also a 7-mile Red Blaze Trail that does not go into the canyons.  It is a wooded trail that leads around the park and gives access to the pioneer camping areas.  From what I understand, it's more of a challenging hike, so I'd love to do it one day too.

It seems like since we returned from our AT hike, our schedules have been so busy. I'm late posting this and have vacation/anniversary trip photos to share....and we're already planning more adventures!  Hoping to knock off some things on my summer bucket list soon!

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dillan moore said...

Great now we can go back and hike the other trail so I can see it!