With Dillan's work schedule, it can be a bit difficult for him to find time to come home for visits....even for his birthday.  Because Easter was a few days before his birthday this year, Scott and I decided we'd just go to ATL for a weekend visit.  

We even took Miss Lucy to see her brother.  Because she doesn't typically like to travel, we don't take her often.  But we felt like she would enjoy the campground and she needed to see her brother's new home too.  So we took her with us.....and she did awesome!  She even did well with the almost 3 hour ride.  The 1/2 Xanax  pill didn't hurt either ;)

We arrived in town on Good Friday afternoon after Dillan was off work.  We enjoyed dining outside at Marietta Square for an early birthday dinner and stopped at this little cafe for a quick energy booster before browsing an antique store.  If you're ever in the area, Cool Beans has excellent coffee!  They give Starbucks a run for their money....I'm just sayin'.

Because we will be hiking the Appalachian Trail in May, we decided to take advantage of the fact that Dillan lives near Kennesaw Mountain and get some hiking in.  So Saturday morning we got up early and set out for a hike to test out our new gear. We've been ordering backpacking supplies for a few weeks now and really needed to see how it would feel on a long hike.  

My Uncle Mike will also be joining us for the AT and he was able to meet us at Kennesaw Mountain too.  My step-son, Austin will also be going with us in May, but he wasn't with us this weekend.

On our Peaches to Beaches trip, Scott found this old school backpack with external frame for only $10.00!  He was eager to try it out, but after a 5 mile hike, he decided the internal frame pack feels much better.  The old one looks cool in pictures, though.....and the Mister looks mighty cute :)

On our way up the mountain, we saw two deer.  They aren't as big as the deer in middle Georgia where we live....and they are much more tame!  You'd never get this close to the deer at home unless they didn't know you were there.  These two just walked right past us and kept looking for something to eat.

We made it to the top of Kennesaw Mountain and kept going til we reached the top of Little Kennesaw and then back tracked to the road going back to the park's visitor center.

Birthday boy!

We also got pretty close to a turkey making his way across the mountain.

It was a fun weekend and I'm so glad we went.  Although we couldn't be with Dillan on his actual birthday, we celebrated by doing something that he really enjoys.  He's probably responsible for getting us back into hiking again in the first place.  Last year we hiked at Sweetwater Creek State Park for his birthday.  If you've never been there, you need to go!  It's beautiful and I can't wait to see it again in warmer weather!  

There really is so much to do in and around Georgia!  I've included some of those things in my Summer 2016 Bucket List.  

I hope each of you are enjoying your spring break.  Happy trails to you!

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