Our Bonus Room: a multi-functional space

We've been in our home for 7 1/2 years now and I finally made it a priority to get our bonus room in shape.  When we built our home, we added this space above the garage because we knew we'd need extra space for things like our tanning bed and Scott's never ending supply of music equipment.  Note to my bro-in-law if you're reading this: that's your guitar in this picture....don't you need it back lol?!

Anyway, this upstairs room became a regular hangout spot for Dillan throughout high school.  When he had friends over or we hosted a family function, all the kids ended up upstairs most of the time.  It was a hodgepodge of furniture pieces as you can see from the pictures below.  (Sorry about the quality.  I always forget to take good before pics of projects with my camera and snapped these at the last minute with my phone). There was actually another small table up there before too that took up even more space.


In some ways, it's still a little hodgepodge, but I was going for an eclectic look anyway and I think it works.  The room is now functional and a pretty cool spot to hang out.  And it didn't cost a dime! Which means....more money for other fun projects!

So....here's a look at the space now...starting with the view from the stair case leading up from the door in the kitchen.


Now doesn't it look better?

The tanning bed and treadmill are at the back of the room out of the way.  The middle of the room is for relaxing and watching tv/movies or playing the Wii.  I also use this space to workout with my weights.  

The leather futon is pretty comfortable and will be great for an extra sleeping space if we have company overnight.  I still need to get some cute accent pillows and a throw for the couch, so that's next on my to do list.

I used an old metal school desk for an end table and Scott's wood cajon slides under it easily. The cute wood top table and green chairs make a great spot for a snack or doing some work.

The back corner was the perfect spot for a dresser for storage and to hold family photos and now Scott has his own special spot in the house for his sound equipment and instruments.

I had hoped to take most of the guitars out of their cases to save on space, but Scott reminded me that some of them are better off left in the cases. I'm still hoping to figure out a way to store those so he'll have more room.

It's a small room packed with alot of things.  Normally, I wouldn't want something all the way down every wall, but I think it works in here.

Because I chose to do an eclectic space, it was so easy to just shop the house.  The fact that Dillan is now a full time glamper didn't hurt either!  Naturally, he didn't want to get rid of all of his furniture, so what I didn't incorporate here, I was able to put in his bedroom. I even pulled out some old art work from childhood.

Scott and I have been enjoying the room so much!  We exercise up there together and he now has space to practise his music without having to hunt for pieces to his equipment.  Dillan still enjoys the space too and is able to get alot more work done when he's home for a visit.  The space is even "Lucy approved"!

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