Summer 2016 Bucket List

While I've thought numerous times about making a bucket list of things I want to do during my lifetime, I never have actually sat down to come up with such a list.  However, I realized recently that I had unintentionally come up with a long list of things I want to do this summer.

A couple of years ago when I finished my graduate studies, I was so excited about that coming summer and not having homework for the first time in years!  I dreamed (I can't make myself say "dreamt") of all kinds of things I wanted to do that I finally had the time to do since my homework days were behind me.

I think that's when I also decided that I would like for us to go to a different place every year for summer vacation.  I mean, why keep going to the same place year after year when there are so many awesome places right within driving distance for us to explore?

Last year we went to Key West for the first time and enjoyed it so much!  This year, Scott and I will be taking our first vacation without the boys because that week also coincides with our 15 year anniversary.  I'll tell you more about that later.  But back to the bucket list........

I thought it would be good to come up with a list of things to do this summer to help me be more intentional about actually planning these things.  There are so many things we can do for fun and some of them don't even cost a dime.  So why not make it happen?

So here they are....in no certain order:

1. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail (this is already being planned!)
2. Hike all of the waterfalls in north Georgia in a weekend
3. Do a zip line in a woodsy setting (yes...I said woodsy...I want to feel like Tarzan)
4. Eat at the Mennonite restaurant in Montezuma, Ga. (I don't know why I haven't already?)
5. Re-paint our kitchen walls/ pantry door (that door pains me every time I look at it!)
6. Day trip canoeing/tubing the Ocmulgee River with friends/family
7. Screen in our back porch and beautify it (now that I don't have cats....bless their hearts)
8. Read more books (social media has occupied me for so long now, I don't read like I used to...and that bothers me.  There's just something about holding that paper bound book in your hands and getting lost in another world).
9. Go paddle boarding

I may come up with a 10th one because my list just doesn't look complete ;)

So now that I've put it out there, maybe I'll be more proactive about planning these things and not find myself realizing that the summer has come and gone and once again left me with regrets.

Stay tuned.....I might just get an early start on some!

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