Peaches to the Beaches: a weekend of fun and good finds

Our annual Peaches to the Beaches yard sale trip was full of fun and good finds!  Scott found more treasures this year than usual (more on his later).  I found pretty plates for wall decor, a planter made out of tree bark, a vintage law scale and an egg basket, and a cute pink taser.  A girl's got to protect herself, right?  My favorite find was the $8.00 metal cart from the iron yard.  I plan to transform into a bar cart for our living room.  

I love how bar carts are being used in various rooms in our homes today. You can find them in bathrooms holding towels and toiletries, in bedrooms as side tables, and even as hot chocolate stations.  I plan to use mine in the living room at the entrance to our hallway that leads to our bedrooms.  I know it looks rough right now, but it's actually in great shape structurally.  It just needs to be sanded down to remove the rust and resprayed.  

I've actually had a difficult time trying to decide what color to spray it. At first, I was more concerned about making it functional for use in the living room and in the kitchen during the holidays, so I wanted to make sure I sprayed it a color that would look good in both rooms.

I love the vintage/modern look of this one with the wood surface.  Mine doesn't have wood surfaces, but I did entertain the possibility of doing some type of faux wood finish.

I love the festive look of gold spray on this one and it would look awesome in my living room!

I even like the white surface on this one with the chrome legs.  But I'm worried that white would look to sterile in my home.

The choices were difficult, but I finally decided to do something a little different than what I've seen on Pinterest.  After browsing through the colors at Home Depot, I finally chose two spray colors that I think I'll be pleased with.  And if I'm not, well, it's just spray!  I'll spray it again lol!

Now if I can just get around to working on it.  As soon as I do, I'll be sure to share before & afters with you.

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