Moving up......and moving out

You all may remember a few years ago when we moved Dillan into his first apartment in downtown Atlanta.  I did a post to show you how his first place turned out.  We had so much fun making that loft his home!

He had a couple of good friends that lived in that same building a few floors up.  Dillan was in 9F.
The Metropolitan is an old bank building.

Lobby Area
Well, he lived there for about a year and a half and then we began looking for something a little more affordable with paid parking nearby.  

Deciding to try the "roommate thing", Dillan moved into Pencil Factory Lofts not too far from the Metropolitan.  

Living Room at Pencil Factory Loft

The bad thing about having roommates is that it wasn't Dillan's own personal space, so there was no decorating an entire place to his taste.

Kitchen at Pencil Factory Loft

Luckily, Dillan was the one of the four roommates to have his own bedroom and walk-in closet, so we turned his room into his own little sanctuary.  And believe me, when you live with 3 others that are all musicians (and you aren't), you need your own sanctuary!

Gallery Wall in Dillan's bedroom

Atlanta Skyline from Pencil Factory Loft

Well, as is common for young people and college aged kids to move alot, this arrangement only lasted for a year.  Dillan was more than ready to get his own place again!  Even though it's more expensive to live alone, it's worth it sometimes.

We searched and searched and were having trouble finding anything he could afford in a good area of town.  Dillan was also wanting to find a place to settle down for a few years and stop feeling like a gypsy.  That's when I started looking into building a tiny house.  Have you guys seen the shows about the tiny house movement?  They are so cute and such creative spaces!

Even when Dillan had his own loft, it was a tiny space, and he had practically lived in one bedroom when he had roommates, so I knew a tiny space wouldn't be a problem for him. But it's very hard to find a place to park a tiny house.....especially in the Atlanta area.  That's when the Mister came up with the idea of Dillan buying an RV.  Not only would it be a space of his own, it could even be moved if he had to relocate temporarily.  So we set out to find the perfect RV for Dillan while he was home for the holidays and by January 29th we were moving Dillan back to Atlanta.  

Here are a few stock pictures of his Grand Design Imagine RV......I'll be sure to share some other pictures after he adds his own personal style to the place.

He's been living in it for 3 weeks now and it's starting to finally feel like home.  Instead of the downtown area of Atlanta, he's now living in Marietta at a local RV Resort.  Ideally, he'd love to park it in a more rural area, but this will suffice for now while he gets used to being a new home owner.

More adventures await us!

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