Organizing a New Year

I hope each of you are getting off to a good start in 2016.  After two weeks off work, it was all I could do to roll out of bed and get going this morning.  But I have to admit, I think I'm ready to get back to a more normal schedule. 

I love to take Monday mornings to organize my week.  And at the start of a new year, there's even more organizing to be done!  Opening a new monthly/yearly planner helps me to organize myself and note all those important dates and events.  

As a writer, I love a pretty journal.  I love the fresh new pages that are waiting to be filled.  I also love to organize and I enjoy picking out a new planner each year to help me organize my life.     

I've been eyeing the beautiful products by sugar paper for a few months now.  They have stationery, calendars, note pads, and many other products that are as beautiful as they are functional.  

When searching for a new planner recently, I visited my nearest Target and found this adorable 2016 white/gold polka dot planner by sugar paper.  I couldn't wait to open it and transfer all my important information to these beautiful pages. So today was all about getting myself organized not only for this work week, but for the coming year.  

I'm all set for 2016 and all the possibilities it has to offer.  What about you? Do you have any favorites for getting organized for the new year?

This was not a paid endorsement.  
I just enjoy sharing my favorite products from time to time with my readers.

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