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As our kids grow up and leave the nest, there are some big changes that come along with that. This also brings the opportunity for some actual changes to our nest.

When Scott and I both married, we both had sons from previous marriages.  My son lived with us until he graduated from high school and moved to Atlanta.  My step-son, Austin lived with his mom and came for visits every two weeks.

During those years, we were able to give both boys their own bedrooms.....not too hard when there's only two!  I felt it was important that Austin feel like our home was also his home when he visited.

Fast forward years later.  After Dillan moved to Atlanta, Austin graduated from high school a couple of years later and went off to college as well.  At that point, Scott and I really did feel the effects of an empty nest.

As young adults, our boys are living their lives and we have grown used to not seeing them very often.  Dillan tries to come home every couple of months and we go to Atlanta when we can.  It's been a little different with Austin, though and it seems we actually see him less even though he lives closer to us.

But it's all good.  They both have a place to sleep when they are here.  Dillan actually still has his old bedroom since he's always lived with us and has things still stored in there.  His room was redone when he graduated high school.  He and I both felt the need for a space that was appropriate for a young man. I also wanted the space to be age appropriate if an adult guest had to use his room overnight.

I waited a little longer to do a makeover on Austin's room, but I finally took care of that as well.  He still sleeps in there on the rare occasion that he is here, but it is now designated as the actual guest room.

comforter set: Walmart; decorative pillow/sheets: Target; curtain: Lowe's

It didn't take alot of money or time to make the changes.  Due to the lack of use, the room still has a fresh coat of gray paint on the walls.  I wanted to keep the space neutral, but be able to have more of an eclectic feel as well.  Talk about decorating on a cheap budget, going with an eclectic style will enable you to do it!

My only purchases were for bedding and a window treatment.  For everything else, I just shopped the house and used things that I really like but don't necessarily use elsewhere right now.  For instance, I've had these two needle point framed pictures above for a couple of years.  I found them at the Peaches to Beaches yard sale and just had to have them.  I had no clue what I would do with them and they sat in the closet until this makeover. But I think they are perfect for the space.

When we got a large flat screen tv for the living room, we had to get a new piece of furniture to hold it.  The old entertainment center was brought back here. It's a little too big for the space, but I like the fact that it has plenty of storage to hold items that aren't needed often.

The chair is an extra dining room chair and the prints on the wall are some I've had a while but wasn't using anywhere else in the house.  With a few other accessories scattered around the room, it turned into a warm, cozy space, appropriate for any guest.

Although I hardly ever go in there, it's nice to open the door now to a clean space that's always ready for a guest.  Next room up for a makeover: the bonus room upstairs.

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