5 things from 2015

On New Year's Eve, I think it's always a good idea to look back and think about the lessons we've learned over the course of the year.  Maybe it was an ordinary year.  Or maybe it was one full of surprises....both good and bad.  Some years are full of awesome memories while others bring alot of hurt and pain.  I'm not sure what your 2015 looked like, but mine was well represented by some good and bad memories.....happy and sad times.  I've decided to focus on five things I learned or was reminded of as I look back and see another one in the books.  

1. "Imperfection Welcome Here" - I printed off this sweet little picture from the internet, framed it, and put it over my desk.  As a perfectionist, I constantly need to be reminded that although it's good to strive to be a better person and more like Christ, I am never going to be able to do everything perfectly.  And I'm so thankful that Christ loves me unconditionally and knows my heart.  Keeping this in mind has been so helpful this year as I've had to accept some hard truths.

2. I've fallen in love with sunsets again - I think it all started on some late evening drives from work.  Before my case load was changed, I had to drive an hour from home quite frequently and at times it involved some late work days.  That was new for me, and I was able to witness some incredible sunsets.

We went to Key West this summer for vacation and saw some pretty ones as well, but I've decided that a Georgia sunset is hard to beat and I find myself looking for them now.

3. I love working from home - Speaking of work, I discovered what I had suspected all along.....working from home suits me to a T!  I'm so grateful for my job.  I've been a support coordinator for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over a year now and I still love it!  Especially now that I've done it long enough to feel more confident.  I prayed for years to be able to work from home and feel so blessed with this opportunity that God granted me.

4. I'm a child at heart - I guess I've never really thought about it, but I really am a kid at heart. Especially around the holidays.  I still find myself drawn to childlike ornaments and the magic of Christmas.  I added color lights to the white lights on my Christmas tree this year and fell in love with it!  It brought the whole tree to life and with all the bright colors and whimsical ornaments, I still haven't had the heart to take it down yet. It's New Year's Eve, and I'm sitting here enjoying it as much as I did the first night.

5.  I'd rather be with my family than anyone - I enjoy having friends to do things with and at times have felt guilty for not spending more time with friends. But I come from a big family and it requires alot of time to even see all of them.  We all spent alot of time together over the holidays, from Thanksgiving on, so we didn't get together tonight. I'm ringing in the new year at home with the Mister, Dillan, and Lucy.  Dillan's watching movies upstairs, Scott's on the couch reading and watching the football game, and Lucy is napping.  And I'm just as content as I can be.  I don't need lots of friends and parties to make me happy and I no longer feel guilty about not making more time for others.

There's so much more I could talk about that I learned this year.  Some of it I don't even have words for yet.  But I'll leave it with these 5 for 2015.

I'm looking forward to 2016 and all it has to offer. I'm trusting God to continue to guide me and my family as we seek His Will for our lives.

Happy New Year to you and your family as well!  Bring on 2016!

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Dee said...

Happy new Year! May the new year bring, joy, peace and happiness to you and your family... :)