Giving Thanks

Dining Room

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are officially in the Christmas season!  And although I absolutely love decking the halls with Christmas cheer, I enjoyed my fall decor until Turkey day was officially over.

Dining Room
I volunteered to host Thanksgiving this year to give my mom a break from doing that and Christmas at her house.  I decided early on that I wanted to have the tables set for a little fine dining and forgo the paper plates until the supper meal.  Y'all know what supper is, don't you?  Hahahaha!

My Butter Pecan cupcakes with Salted Caramel frosting

Breakfast Room

I have three sisters with families of their own, so when we are all together, there are 18 of us in all.  To sit that many people comfortably, I use the breakfast room table which is right next to the dining room.  Both of these rooms sit 6 people each and with another table set up in the living room, we have plenty of space for everyone.

You'll notice that I just placed my gold chargers on the tables along with tea glasses, silver ware, and napkins. With 18 people, it's just not practical to put the food on the table or to serve everyone, so the plates are placed on the bar in the kitchen with all the food.

Breakfast Room

Because the breakfast room is casual, I decided to keep the table scape simple and to also use a simple tea glass in there as well as in the living room.  I dressed the dining table with the more formal stem ware, so we had a good laugh about who should be able to sit in there.....hahahaha!

Living Room

I used a lighter tablecloth and a runner with a beautiful blue and green floral design  in the living room.  I loved the way it played off the existing color scheme in the room and still had a great look for fall.

All of the center pieces were different, but they all included fall leaves, candles, and acorns.  My mom helped me mix and match my napkin collection for all the tables and tie them with fall berries and twine.  Simple but elegant.

Living Room

I loved the way it all turned out and I think everyone enjoyed spending the day at my house.  After lunch, we sat around and talked, visited my cousin down the road, drank plenty of coffee, and enjoyed warmed up left overs for supper.  After supper, we spent time outside around the fire pit where the kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows.    

We even found time to snap a few family pictures for this year's Christmas card.

The Thanksgiving holiday truly is one of my favorites.  I love that it focuses on spending time with family and counting all of our blessings.  We truly do have so much to be thankful for.  I hope each of you also had a great holiday and were able to spend time with your loved ones as well.  Now it's on to Christmas decorating........and I have so much to do!

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