Pretty for a Purpose

My niece, Natalie (better known as Sweet Pea by me) was in a Relay for Life Pageant not long ago.  It was a casual pageant that's main goal was to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  

Natalie entered and raised money in memory of my dad, her Papa George. She was presented a plaque for her effort and hard work raising money for such a worthy cause.

And she did so well!  She's such a natural on stage and we were so proud of her!

This was only the second pageant she's been in, but she's already thinking of doing some others pageants in our local area.

 In case y'all haven't noticed, since I don't have a girl, I like to live vicariously through my sisters'girls so that I can enjoy the things that only little girls can do. When someone says "pageant", I'm ready to go!


Dee said...

Hi Lynn! Your niece is such a pretty girl and I love that she raised money for such a good cause. You must be very proud of her.

Have a lovely day... :)

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks, Dee! She's such a sweet girl and we are all proud of her :)