Welcome Spring!

Well, spring has finally arrived!  And not soon enough for me!  

It was a long, cold winter and it's so nice to see green on the trees and flowers blooming.  The pollen.....not so much.  It doesn't like me!  

Even before the first signs of spring, I was adding some spring touches to the inside of my home.  And when I think of spring, I think of Easter.  Here's a little glimpse of what spring is looking like so far around here:

I'm busy this week trying to finish up some small projects around the house as well as do some much needed spring cleaning.....inside and out.  More on that later!


Dee said...

I love the Spring touches you put around your home. I spotted quite a few bunnies that were just super cute. Visiting your blog today has really inspired me to start decorating for Spring as well. Thanks and have a wonderful rest of the week... :)

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks, Dee! I just love all the pastel colors of spring....and I love me some bunnies!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope your week is great as well :)