Peaches to the Beaches 2015

Peaches to the Beaches 2015 was so much fun this year!  We decided to take advantage of both days of treasure hunting and cover the most territory possible.  To prevent back-tracking on the route, we went to Brunswick that Thursday and spend the night.  This way, we could wake up Friday morning and shop the beginning of the route (Brunswick) to Hawkinsville, spend the night at home, and then finish the rest of the trip to Barnesville on Saturday.

Since we were already so close to the beach in Brunswick, we rode over to St. Simons Island for dinner that evening.  We did a little research and decided to eat at Black Water Grill, which has been featured on Food Network.  It was a neat place and we enjoyed our meal.

After dinner, we rode around the "village" area where the restaurant is and the nearby community and were pleasantly surprised at the number of restaurants and shops on the island.  Scott had never been to St. Simons, and I had not been in years.  There's so much to see and do now on St. Simons Island

We have decided that we are definitely going back for a long, romantic weekend ;)

So, anyway, we got up early Friday morning, grabbed a quick breakfast and Starbucks, and hit the yard sale trail!  I never dreamed yard sales could be so much fun, but with Scott along for the ride, you will laugh so hard it hurts!  He really can't stand to think about someone finding a deal before him, so he always wants to leave early.....as in daybreak!

To share our fun with others who might not be able to go, we decided to do a few videos.  I'm not sure if this link from my Facebook page will work for everyone, but that's the easiest way for now to post these videos since they were deleted off my phone.  I'll try to come up with another solution later.  (If you're friends with me on Facebook, you've probably already seen these).

This was an antique museum along the way that we walked through.  Scott just happened to notice the old woman watching us...lol!  Don't worry, she's not real.

Scott's always drawn to old music and albums.  Even though he doesn't usually buy any, he always likes to look at them.  My music man!

This place is one of my favorites to stop.  They always have cute furniture and other unique pieces.  

Do you see what I see? Yep, turpentine boxes!  I have to admit that Scott had to tell me what these were, but I loved them at first sight!  I could visualize them hanging from an old piece of barn wood on my kitchen wall.  I bought 3 at this store.

What not to buy at a yard sale.

Looking at old doll houses and toys is always alot of fun for me. I'm certain I would have loved this one as a little girl.

This next picture shows one of my favorite spots along the trail this year. I've never been here before, but it was basically a scrap iron type spot.  There were lots of DIYers and buyers walking through here putting odds and ends together to create some original pieces.  

I found something that was already in one piece.  It just needs some tender love and care.  Nothing at all was wrong with the frame.  Some new straps on the seating and back and new cushions and she will be perfect on my front porch!  And this was only $15.00!  Great deal!

Here's a pic of my purchases on the first day.  The blue cross made of sticks is much prettier in person...I promise!  I like to buy old decorative books and I'm in love with busts of various sizes!  You can see the 3 turpentine boxes for my project and a glass pitcher for entertaining.  The small white wood pieces are wall art for my upcoming master bath redo.  The little wood caddy will be painted and will hold....well, plants or whatever I feel like displaying in there ;)  Oh, and the old sewing patterns are for my mom.  She mentioned the other day wanting to frame some for her sewing room.  Well, there you go, mom!

My mom, sister, Shaana and her daughter Natalie, and Dillan joined us for day two.
Mama and Shaana bought the first purchases of the day. Great pieces!

Dillan found a unique belt buckle.

And Nat lucked up on various art supplies.  

There are no words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This just seems wrong.

Here's a glimpse of my purchases from the second day.  In case you can't tell, I'm into blue these days ;)  More books, a glass vase, creamer, an old cabinet door front for the turpentine box project, and a cute cow to hang in the kitchen.

I spent a total of $47.00 for all of my purchases (that includes the bench).  I'd say that's pretty good.  I'm already looking forward to going again next year with this guy!

If you've never been, be on the look out for it next year.  It's always in the month of March and you can find out information about it on Facebook.

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