Setting up an office area

Not only have I been busy since October 1st learning my new job, I've also been busy getting my little office area completed at home.  People say you should never do work from your bedroom, but for me, it's the perfect spot - it's the quietest place in the house.  

Because it's my own special little area, I don't have to worry about other people leaving their things there....and I can decorate it any way I like!  I'm the only girl in the house (well, me and Miss Lucy), so I don't have the privilege of surrounding myself with lots of pink and pretty, girlie things.  So I took this opportunity to do just that in this spot of my own.

I recently redid the master bedroom and filled the space with lots of white and natural color.  Adding a touch of pink and other soft colors to this area was easy to do.  On the shelf above my desk, I placed a couple of framed prints that serve as important reminders for me (The Nester's "Imperfection Welcome Here" and an "Identity Declaration" written by Beth Moore) along with some smaller personal items and a gold letter "L".  I even have a gold letter opener that belonged to my daddy :)

Under the shelf is a handy bulletin board for a 2015 calendar and a couple of photos to make me smile.  I still need to put a photo of Dillan on there.  

And on the desk are a few other office accessories in soft colors like creamy white, blue, and pink.  

I love these cute pencils I found in Michael's recently!  Pretty to look at and functional too!  I put them in a glass jar.


The gun cabinet-turned-book shelf we did recently is also working well for me.  It's on the opposite side of the room and holds my favorite books and a few other items.

I placed my desk and filing cabinets on one side of the room between the two bedroom windows for plenty of natural light.  

When I'm really busy, my desk gets a little messy, but because it's in the back of the house, I don't have to worry about it being in the way. I've got not one, but two small filing cabinets for work and personal files and a basket ottoman for extra storage.  That gives me plenty of space to put things away when I'm done with work for the day.  

Today I spent the day working from home getting ready for the month of February. It's been a productive day and I appreciate more and more having this little area of my home to get things done.

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