Another year to grow and learn

Well, I recently celebrated another birthday.  The big Forty-Five (45)!  To this day, no matter how old we get, my mama always plans a lunch or dinner for me and my sisters to celebrate our special day.  And I'm pretty sure we wouldn't know how to act if that didn't happen!

Because I know she won't always be around to do that, I try to really soak it all in and enjoy every minute of it.  It's not about the gifts or what we eat.  It just means alot to see my family take time out of their schedules to spend with me and help me feel special.  

But I'm not the only one who celebrated a birthday on January 31st!  Miss Lucy turned another year older too.  Yep...we both have the same birthday.  Lucy is now 7 years old :)

Dillan couldn't be there that day, but he came home a few days before to see me.  He gave me a new insulated coffee cup and these beautiful flowers!

I think it's pretty neat that my birthday is in the first month of the year when we tend to focus the most on our goals and dreams for our lives.  Getting older doesn't really bother me any more.  Sure, I'd like to keep the wrinkles and extra weight from appearing, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the gift of life and all God has blessed me with.


Dee said...

Hi, I've been blog hopping and I stumbled across your blog today. I'm glad I did because I can wish you a happy belated birthday. Spending time with family is wonderful isn't it? In my opinion, that's the best way to celebrate. Enjoy the rest of your weekend... :)

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks so much, Dee! Thanks for stopping by :) Have a great weekend!