31 Days of Learning to Work from Home {Day 4}: Learning from others

There is tons of inspiration out there to help those of us who are learning to work from home!  I've been inspired by other bloggers for a long time, so I thought today I'd share a few of my favorites with you and why.

Learning to work from home and making it work is all about getting organized!  Right now, I'm still trying to get things set up so I can function.  I would have loved to have everything in place when I started this process a few days ago, but I guess that would have taken all the fun out of this whole process.  

If you could see my house right now (and my calendars/notebooks), you would think I'm the most disorganized, messy person you know.  And believe me, I feel that way right now and it's driving me crazy!  And we're only in day four!  But when I'm learning something new and my schedule is crazy for a few days, it really takes some time for me to settle in and know what I actually need and what system will best help me stay organized.  It's kind of like when you have a new job.....you don't know what you don't know....right?

This is what my work area looks like right now:

Yes...I've got stuff in the office area of my room....and on the kitchen table!  A big no-no, but right now I can't help it.  Things have to get done and because everything is not in place for me to work in my office area, I'm just being flexible and putting it all out on the table....literally!

I went to Office Max the other day after my first day of training.  I was overwhelmed at the choices, but not really knowing what I needed made it hard to purchase anything.  I picked up a few things and think I made good choices, but I'm ready to go back next week and pick up a few more items.

So, I said I was going to share a few of my favorite blogs with you today.  So here we go!

One of my favorite blogs to inspire me to get/stay organized is I Heart Organizing   Jen shows us beautiful and functional ways to organize our homes. She also shares some practical tools and one of my favorites is the free printables she offers on her site.

I have been using her free printables for a long time now and I absolutely love them!  So go check out her site and take advantage of all she has to offer.

Edie at Life {in} Grace is also another of my favorite bloggers.  Edie gave up a career (and major income) in medicine to stay home with her girls and home school.  She offers a ton of practical advise and inspiration for not only working effectively from home, but to help us create beautiful and inspiring spaces to live and work.

Another go-to for encouragement and inspiration is (in)courage.  I've been blessed to have a couple of my articles published on this blog.  But long before that, I was going here for encouragement and inspiration for daily living.  And let's face it....don't we all need that?  At (in)courage, you'll discover ladies from all walks of life offering their best advice and encouragement for many of life's situations.  So be sure to check them out as well.  

My article: The Samaritan Woman in Me

I hope these three resources will help you as much as they have helped me.  Hopefully in a few days, I will be able to show you my very own beautiful and inspiring work space, so I hope you'll visit again later :)

This is Day 4 of 31 Days of Learning to Work from Home.

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