31 Days of Learning to Work from Home {Days 6-13}: Permission to let things go

So.  I guess you've already noticed that I've not been posting everyday in October for this series.  I've been very disappointed in myself for not doing so, but I finally decided it's ok to give myself permission to let some things go.  Even good things.

Although I'm technically working from home as of October 1st, I'm having to go through a training period to learn my job responsibilities.  This training has required me to be away from home sporadically the last couple of weeks.  And when I have been at home, I've been so bogged down with work and learning my job that I just couldn't seem to get everything on my to-do list done.

Blogging is not the only thing that I've been absent from.  You should see my house!  That's why today I made my top priority to get my house clean and back in order.  

The last two weeks have been a struggle just keeping things picked up.  I've not cooked every night...or exercised at all :(  And my devotion times still aren't what I'm shooting for.  But I'm done beating myself up about it.  Sometimes when you are leaning something new or you have a major change in your life, you have to give yourself time to get your footing.  

I've been so tired at night that I've fallen asleep at the drop of a hat.  But it's a good tired.  I'm really going to love being a support coordinator.  And although I'm having to travel a good bit this month, it's not the norm.  So I expect things to calm down soon.  As a matter of fact, I can already tell that I won't know how to act in November and December when I'm really able to be home most of the time.  
I'm looking forward to getting this "working from home' thing down pat.  And I'm looking forward to sharing the things I learn as well as some projects here around the house to help make working from home even easier.  

So, I hope you'll stop back by for a visit.    And by the way, I'm so excited about how my little office area is turning out!  I'll be done soon and share a few pictures with you :)

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