When God opens doors

God has been busy lately!  After years of praying and months of sensing a mighty move of God on the way, we have been blessed and amazed as God has opened not one, but several doors of opportunity for us lately.

I recently told you about the awesome privilege I have of being asked to be a Christian Counselor in my local community through our Christian Learning Center.  Not long after God opened that door, we sensed God moving us to serve in a different church body.  I talked about that here.

We have now attended the last three Sundays at our new church home and could not be more excited about our new church family and opportunities to serve God!

After making the decision to change churches, job opportunities started flooding in for me!  I've not really talked about it on the blog, but I have been praying for several years for a new job opportunity.  I sensed in my spirit that my current job was not where I was supposed to be...that my time here was never meant to be permanent.  I don't think it was a mistake to take accept this job, but for some reason, once I'd been here for about a year, feelings of discontentment began to surface over and over.  I naturally took that to mean that I should apply for other jobs and make a career move.  

I can't even tell you how many jobs I have applied for over the years....jobs that weren't even what I really wanted exactly, but I became desperate to leave.  I even interviewed for several positions, but the door would never open.  I found that strange because up to this point, I'd always gotten every job I interviewed for.  But for some reason, God kept me here much longer than I ever anticipated.  I had become resigned to the fact that maybe God was trying to teach me something, so I stopped looking elsewhere.

Several months ago, when Scott and I set a date to leave the church we had been serving at, job opportunities for my career field started opening up - and I started submitting applications once again.

I've had multiple interviews lately, but it all culminated last week when I interviewed for two jobs that were high on my list of preferences.  One would require me stay at my current place of employment, but in a different position (in my career field).  The other was really like a dream job for me.  By Friday, I was hoping to know what door God was finally going to open!

I had been so nervous not knowing for sure what would happen.  I am a bit of a control freak, so I'll have to admit that it's hard to let go and trust God sometimes when I don't know what the outcome will be.  But last week at church (our second Sunday in our new church home), I went to the alter for  prayer.  During that time with several people praying over me and one prophesying, I felt the weight and pressures of years of struggle come off of me.  I no longer felt nervous about the week ahead and the interviews, but a calm assurance that God was going to move and make His will known.  After all this time, God was going to open that one door that I had anxiously waited to see open for so long.

I expected to hear from both employers by Friday.  I didn't know if I'd receive two offers or just one, but I prayed that God would have His way.  My existing employer still hasn't let their decision be known, but I got a call from the other one....the one I wanted more than anything!

So yesterday I made it official at work and turned in my two-week notice.  I start my new job on October 1st.

I am so excited about this new journey and being able to work in my career field - and with a more flexible work schedule.  Except for visiting my clients, training, and meetings, I will have the privilege of working from home.

This work situation will allow me more flexibility to schedule counseling sessions as well as more time to write and blog.  I plan to make good use of my time at home and structure my schedule to accomplish all of these things - plus some "me" time to get in more daily exercise and quiet time with the Lord.

I'd appreciate your prayers so much for me as I transition into my new career.  Your prayers are never wasted on me and I value them so much.

God bless each of you.  Have a great rest of the week!

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