Gun Cabinet Turned Book Shelf

Several years ago, my mom decided to get rid of my daddy's gun cabinet.  Since it was my ex-husband who had given it to daddy, mama asked me if I wanted it.  

I decided to get it and put it in Dillan's bedroom to keep his gun and bow in a safe place.  After he moved out and went to college, we decided to do a complete makeover on his room.  We moved the cabinet out of his room into mine and it just sat there for a while.  By then, I had already decided it would make a neat little book shelf, but it just sat in the corner of the room with a few books stacked on the bottom.

Well, lately, I've been trying to get some projects completed around the house.  You know me.....got to get things taken care of before the holiday decorating rolls around!  

This project required little in the way of money to be completed.....just a little time.  I purchased a few cans of white primer and the same Heirloom White paint we used on other furniture in the room.  I still had a can of the Satin Nickel for the hardware and we had a few shelving boards on hand to make book shelves.  So we Scott got to work!

First he made the four shelves and brackets we would need and painted them.

Then he did a little light sanding on the piece and sprayed it with the white primer.

After the final coat of the Heirloom White paint, we laid it on its back and used double-stick tape to back it with wrapping paper.  I didn't want to paint the back the same color as the rest of the cabinet and I couldn't really find what I wanted, but this coppery-silver will look pretty in the room ;)

Because of the shine in the paper, it's difficult to keep it completely smooth looking, but the shelves/books hide any imperfections.

Then we added the shelves.

Put the freshly sprayed hardware on along with the glass front door.

And I LOVE the way it turned out!  Isn't it precious?!

It provides a neat little enclosed shelf space for some of my favorite books/pieces in my room.

So what do you think?  Do you like to transform pieces of furniture for new uses too?

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