A frog in my hair!

I just had to share this story with my blogger friends.  Some of you may also follow me on Facebook and know that we've had issues with frogs getting in my bathroom lately....still not certain how.

I don't have to tell you how alarmed I am about that and how close I've come to having a heart attack both times!  No, really.  I just can't stand the thought of those slimy things jumping on me!

Well, I had just about decided that the frog plague might be over....until this morning.

Every morning after I take Lucy out to potty, our two cats always come in with her through the front door and beg me to take them out back and feed them.  You see, they have to eat in the mornings due to a opossum that thinks he's one of our pets.  He shows up every night for supper!  Yeah, I know.  Crazy.  If you dont' believe me, take a look at this picture.

Yes.  You are looking at a opossum laid up in my cat's bed!  I don't make these things up.  I promise.  And I don't know who I'm more afraid of...the opossum or the frogs?

Anyway, I took Lucy out this morning and the cats followed us back through the house and wanted their breakfast.  As I opened the door, I noticed I didn't see the little clear/green frog stuck on the door or the window nearby like usual.  "Hmmm", I thought.  "Maybe he decided to find a new hangout".  I felt so relieved because I absolutely hate having to go out there and worrying about where he is.

I fed the cats and then came back inside to feed Lucy.  That's when I realized something was moving on top of my head!!!  My worst fear had come true!  Before I could process what was happening, the frog jumped from my headband, crawled through my hair, and then jumped down to the floor.  In that moment, I heard sounds coming from my vocal chords that I will never be able to translate.  Somehow I managed not to scream at the top of my lungs because I didn't want to wake Scott up early on his day off work and risk him hating me forever.

As I danced around the kitchen making strange noises while trying to avoid the frog, I also knew that I somehow had to capture him.  I knew I didn't have time to get the rainbow vac down the hall because he would escape and forever be lost in my house.  That, in turn, would mean I would have to move out.  

Lucy decided I must be playing a game with her. Bless her heart, because she only has that one little eye, she never saw the frog....not even when he jumped into her water bowl!  She barked and jumped around and begged for more!

Anyway, I ran to the cabinet and grabbed the largest cup I could find....Scott's Auburn Tigers cup...sorry, babe ;)  By that time, the frog had jumped behind the trashcan on the side of the cabinet.  After a couple of misses, I finally had him trapped in the cup.  

Well, we all know I wasn't about to put my hand over it!  Then I realized I could reach a measuring cup that was large enough to cover the top of the lid.  I tried to shake him up while keeping the cup against the cabinet at the same time.  I lifted the edge up enough to see he was at the bottom and quickly put the measuring cup over it and threw the whole thing out the back door.

I thought my heart would never stop racing, but I was proud of myself for handling this deadly situation on my own.  By now, Lucy really thought we had a game going on and barked and continued to jump up and down in excitement.  

So yeah.  It was that kind of morning.  I'm so glad it's Friday because I need a period of recuperation after that!


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Patty Sumner said...

I am sure that was a sight to behold...I guess I would have done the wild dance too. I do not think I would like a frog headband...lol Have a great week. Blessings!

Lynn Langford said...

Have a great week too, Patty!