Making Art

Dillan recently held a concept photo shoot at our place in the "wildwood".  We had spent several weeks planning and getting our props together for the big day and it was so much fun.  

The two concepts were:

American Gypsy


Tousled Tierras

I have seen sooo many beautiful photos taken during the day, but wanted to share these of my niece, Natalie.

She's such a natural in front of the camera that she made Dillan's job so easy!

We are so thankful for those who came and for the good weather we had.  The gnats were a little annoying late that afternoon, but thanks to Dil's mad editing skills, you won't find them in a single pic ;)

If you haven't seen his new website, go check it out.  If you live in our area or around Atlanta where he lives, contact him and I'm sure he could find some extra time to capture some special moments for you too.

Here's a link to his website and Facebook page:

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