Catching up and slowing down

You see this cute face?  This is my niece, Natalie.  Before we set out for our family vacation, we were able to make a trip to Winston Salem, NC and see her in her first beauty pageant.  She was selected as a state finalist to be in the NAM (National American Miss) pageant for North Carolina the weekend of June 27th.  

To help her raise money for her sponsor fees, I organized a desperately needed yard sale to get rid of some things at home.  I have learned that I really enjoy getting rid of stuff that piles up and only keeping things that we really enjoy and need.

I collected items from around the house for several months and had the yard sale in town at my mom's house.  She lives in the perfect location and even has a carport where everything can be kept out of the rain if  the weather's not perfect.
I arrived early that Saturday morning and my mom had already set most of the things out for me :)  All I had to do was sit there and sell the stuff.  Easy enough :)

Oh!  Guess what I got in the mail a few weeks ago?  Yep, my diploma!  I was shocked at how big the piece of paper actually was.  Now I need to get it framed and hung.  I still can't believe that I'm finally finished with school!  It's a huge relief to know I don't have to worry about homework any longer.

Someone had a birthday pretty soon after Father's Day.  The Mister turned 43 years old.  Because I'm a year older than him, he like to pick on me and tell me that he likes older women ;)

We also have a new member in our family!  My cousin, Carrie had her first baby on June 19th....the Mister's birthday!  Baby Jackson weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce and was 20 inches long.  Mom and baby are both doing great :)

In other news......the critter that has been stealing my cats' food decided to try to take over their bed as well.  I just happened to turn on the back porch light and caught him laying in the cat bed!  It's bad enough that he steals their food, but this.....it's too much!  He's got to go!

Well, I think that just about gets you caught up to our beach vacation trip.  It was so nice to slow down and enjoy some family time away from our busy schedules.  More on that soon!

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