Beauty and the beach

We arrived in Winston Salem late Friday afternoon in time for the evening gown and personal introduction competition categories of the NAM pageant.  I was thrilled to be able to wish Natalie good luck before she had to be on stage!  

Her oldest brother, Evan was her escort on stage.  They looked smashing!

This is Abigail, one of Natalie's friends who was also in the pageant.

After the evening gown competition (which she did awesome in!), she changed for the personal introduction category.  I was so impressed by how well spoken and confident she was on stage!  You would never have known this was her first pageant.  We were so proud of her :)

Saturday morning she had rehearsals for the dance number and final competition.  The finale wasn't until that evening, so we had time to eat lunch and take a trip to the mall for a little shopping and a quick merry-go-round ride.

After that, it was time to break out the curling iron again and try to get some curls to hold in her hard-to-curl hair.

My gold barrel curling iron seemed to do the trick!  Here she is in her group dance stage outfit.  That bow is just precious :)

The dance performance they did was so cute!  I have to say, I'm very impressed with the organization of the event and how much the girls learned in such a short amount of time.  It's takes alot of courage for someone so young to stand in front of hundreds of people, but it's even harder when you  have to introduce yourself to the crowd and remember the stage walk for each category.  

There were 140 contestants registered in Natalie's age division.  Sadly, she didn't make the top 20 finalists (which I disagree with, of course), but she handled it very well.  We praised her over and over again for the great job she did.

It didn't hurt to know she was about to leave for a week at the beach as well!  So, off we went to meet up with the rest of our families at Myrtle Beach, SC for a week of relaxation and fun!

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