The end of one journey.....the beginning of another

I can't believe in three short days, I will be walking across the stage to accept my MA Human Services Counseling degree from Liberty University!

This journey started four years ago when I decided to go back to school to complete my bachelors.  But it required more than finishing up something I started right out of high school.  I actually changed my major to psychology and earned a specialization in Christian Counseling.

I took one brief summer off to breathe and then dove straight into my graduate studies.  It's been difficult, to say the least, and very trying at times, but more importantly it has been gratifying and fulfilling.

Through LU, I not only received the education and training I needed, but I grew in my knowledge of God's Word and ultimately a deeper, more intimate relationship with my Savior.  They not only teach the required courses, but everything is done from a Christian worldview.  They take very serious their goal of "Training Champions for Christ".

We leave out tomorrow morning for our road trip to Lynchburg, VA, but before it all starts, I wanted to take the time to thank a few people who encouraged and supported me along the way.  I could not have done it without them!

I feel like I'm giving a Valedictorian speech right now....lol!  But anyway.............

First, I'd like to thank my sweet, loving husband (aka Mister).  None of this would have been possible without YOU.  You believed in me and always told me I was so smart and could pass even the hardest of classes.  You put up with my tears and stress and cooked more than your share of meals.  You even started washing your own work clothes and made sure you ALWAYS had clean underwear.  (I'm still sorry I let things like that slip by sometimes).  Thank you again for your unselfishness and for standing by my side.

To Dillan:  Thank you for your love and support and for making it so easy to be your mama.  If I would have had to worry about what you were into, I'm not sure I could have handled everything else.  You have always been such a blessing and a joy to parent.  I thought it was so awesome how you and I shared a graduation day when you were done with high school and me, my bachelors.  We had an awesome celebration that month!

To my mama:  Even though you probably won't see this, thank you for being so understanding when I couldn't come down on Saturday mornings just for coffee.....or when I couldn't go on a shopping excursion with you at the last minute.  You were always so proud of me for going back to school after all these years and I'm so thankful for your encouragement and support.

To other family members, friends, and followers: Thank you for your sweet comments to my posts and for listening to what I had to share on any given day.  I enjoy sharing my life with you and hope you will continue to drop by my blog, call, text, or message me.  I appreciate you all so much!

Now, time to make a list of what I need to pack for this trip.  Stay tuned for plenty of Facebook pics to capture graduation day :)

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