a little more of Dillan Moore ;)

Well, I haven't talked much about Dillan on here lately, but he's still working hard to make his way in the entertainment industry.  He finished up his time as a "Night Walker" on The Originals....they killed them off in the show :(  boo hoo!  After that, he worked on the Hunger Games set for a little while.  He will be in the next two HG movies....or should I say last two?  I'm probably the only person on the planet who has not read the book series, but I think it's the last two.

Dillan's also been doing more modeling lately.  If you go to Jaxx Bean Bags you can see his pretty face all over the place ;)  He did a photo shoot for their indoor line and then got the opportunity to get paid floating around in a pool at a multi-million dollar estate.  Well....somebody's got to do it, I suppose!

He's also going through training the next few months with an acting studio there in Atlanta.  He's really enjoying the classes and learning alot.

I'm so proud of him and all of the work he's doing to further his career.  I'm even more proud of him for actively and intentionally pursuing his relationship with Christ.  He spends much of his free time studying scripture and seeking God's direction for his life.  I can see that his relationship with Christ is growing stronger and it delights this mama to no end!  He's so special to me and I'm excited to see what other opportunities he will be given to further his career while also desiring to shed the light of Christ in a very dark world.  We'd appreciate your prayers :)

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