Feels like I'm going home

Cherokee, NC is a very special place to me.  I have many fond childhood memories of camping trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Cherokee was always one of my favorite places to visit!

Several years ago, Scott and I made the decision to do some mission work in that area.  You can read all about how we felt God calling us to go there here.  

Over the past few years, we have made several trips up there to minister to the needs of those in the area.  It's slow progress establishing relationships within the Cherokee nation, but we were greatly encouraged when we met and were able to work with the local missionary for that area last summer.  

There are two very special people in Cherokee that welcomed our efforts there from day one.  They have also welcomed us into their home when we visit.  Their names are Danny and Teressa Sweet.  

Clay Nations Photography
He is a retired pastor and they attend Cherokee Baptist Church where we worship on our visits.  Although we don't see them often, we have grown to love them dearly and their hearts for the Lord.  

Both times we have stayed with them, I have experienced the best sleep of my life!  I talked about it on our last trip, wondering why I always felt so at home in the upstairs bedroom they offer us.  So on our trip last summer, I decided to take some pictures of this special room.  

Looking into the room from the door

looking back toward the door from inside the room

There are two bedrooms that share a bath upstairs.  
This is the other room decked out for Christmas :)

Not long ago, I was thinking about this bedroom and still wondering why I always feel so at home in there and sleep so well.  Suddenly I was reminded of a photo I had in my bedroom as a little girl that I loved so much.  I immediately went upstairs in the attic to see if I had saved it along with some other childhood keepsakes.  And I had!

It looks worn and stained from being stored away in an old box, but do you see the similarities?  And it has that same homey feel that is so welcoming and comforting to me: quilt on the bed, small framed pics on the wall, similar wall paper.  That bedroom reminds me of this picture.  I can even remember when Mama bought this picture for me at a school fundraiser.  It hung on my wall for years.

It was a time when Holly Hobby was the rage.  It was also a time when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and started praying to Him before bedtime.  I remember wearing a blue flannel gown in the winter, loving dolls, and I absolutely LOVED decorating my bedroom :)

This whole post may sound silly to some of you, but it means so much to me to be reminded of my childhood and the early years when God was already shaping my heart and putting dreams and passions within me.

I'm so thankful for Danny and Teresa's warm hospitality and the instant reminder of God's grace each time we are blessed to be in Cherokee, NC for a visit.

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