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Although my home has been decorated for the Easter holiday since mid-March, I realized yesterday that I never posted pictures taken with my camera....only a few photos on Instagram.  (And y'all know I'm all about sharing some holiday decorations!)  But it completely slipped my mind with my crazy to-do list!  So I decided not to worry about it after the fact.  I didn't do anything drastically different from my normal Easter decorating anyway.

The biggest difference this year was my spring mantel.  I don't have a good picture of the whole thing, but here's a look at each end.  What I loved the most about it was the candle sticks Scott made for me.  Very simple....just some wood pieces cut from our fire wood pile.  I love how it turned out.  It can take me right past Easter into the summer.  So there's a simple idea for you to try as well ;)

Easter felt so different this year!  The main reason was on account of Dillan not being home.  It just didn't work out for it to be convenient for him to make back-to-back trips down here.  And since Scott and I opted not to go to a family lunch at the farm after church, we were home alone for lunch and all afternoon.  Hence the reason for me being in this picture alone.  Scott was the one taking the picture, of course.  I do believe this is another first for me....no picture of me with Dillan at Easter :(  Yes, we could've gone to the big family lunch, but to be honest, we were both just too tired to make another trip somewhere.  I had a very long week of school work, places to be in the evenings, and just work in general.  I barely got my assignments done by Friday night.  Then we were out of town all day Saturday.  So by Sunday, all I wanted to do after church was go home and get in the bed - and that's just what I did.  I slept all afternoon!

So although Sunday was a bit strange and didn't feel like much of a holiday, I really felt like I'd already observed Easter that Thursday night.  The Methodist church in our community was showing the movie, The Passion of the Christ.  After sitting through that and then observing the Lord's Supper, I felt like the true meaning of Easter had already hit home with me.  

I wrote this on my personal Facebook wall that night........

I went to see "The Passion of the Christ" tonight. I've seen it before (several years ago), but today I felt the need to be starkly reminded of what Christ did for me....not just on the cross, but the torture and beating He willingly took right before that. Just days before some of these people turned on Him, they were cheering Him on and singing His praises. It's funny how fickle people can be.....all of us. Our sinful nature causes us to be selfish and to look after our own interests. We don't easily put ourselves in someone else's shoes....that might mean discovering we are wrong. That might remind us of just how wretched and sinful we really are.

Jesus was willing to not only love us in spite of our obnoxious selves, but to actually walk in our shoes. That's what He did as He carried the cross up Calvary's Hill. He took our place. It should have been us. And though He was beaten beyond recognition, He made it up that hill to accomplish His Father's Will.

I found myself wanting to scream for them to stop beating Him....to stop laughing at Him and spitting upon Him! How did they expect Him to carry the weight of the cross while almost being beat to death? But He did it. He did it for you and for me. And He even asked the Father to forgive them for what they were doing to Him.

When was the last time I chose to pray for those who may have hurt me?

I don't know about you, but I needed to be reminded tonight of the sacrifice Jesus made for me. I needed to be reminded that He understands my tears and the struggles that I go through. He understands rejection and betrayal. There is nothing in this world that I can go through that He can't understand and help me with. That's why He came...to be able to know and feel what we feel...to show us the way and to save us from ourselves....to die in our place.

So on Good Friday, I will think about all of the reasons it's not "good". But I will remember.......Sunday's comin'!

Friday was a cold, rainy, gloomy day here.  It seemed so appropriate for the day we call Good Friday.  I understand why we call it Good Friday, but it doesn't feel so good .  I seemed to actually feel the weight of His death in a more personal way this year.  I'm not sure why, but it made for a very difficult and emotional day for me.

Saturday was a day Scott and I had planned for several months.  We didn't realize it when we ordered the tickets, but Auburn University's spring game was Easter weekend.  We live over 3 hours from there, so with it being an afternoon game (and general admission), it was necessary to get an early start Saturday morning.

Me and the Mister in the stands before the game

We chose to sit in the end zone where the team comes out.  Great seats for pics before game and play action on that end of the field!

Nick Marshall is the QB for the Tigers.  He's our hometown boy and was our high school QB during his high school years.  Last year was his first year at AU, and he led his team to the National Championship!  We are so very proud of him and all of his accomplishments!  Here he is before the game to accept an award for the Offensive Player of the Year.

Nick Marshall doing what he does best! 

Another one of our former Wilcox County players was also there with us.  He and his cousin rode with me and Scott to the game.  "Bug" Howard #84 plays for North Carolina Tar Heels.  This is his sophomore year there and he's making a racket up there!  You'll def want to keep an eye out for him on the tv as a wide receiver.

So, although it was a bit of a strange Easter Sunday, I would still call it a good holiday weekend.  I spent some good quality time with Scott...and that's always a plus!  He actually showed me this picture on Facebook last night.  It cracked me up, so I had to find a pic to post on here....lol!

I hope each of you had a good Easter weekend with friends and family.  But most importantly, I hope you know the true meaning of Easter.  God truly did love us so much that He gave His only son for us....to die on a cross for our sins and to rise again on the third day.  There is no greater sacrifice.

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