Sometimes there are no words

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post.  I didn't intentionally stay away, but at the same time, found myself having nothing in particular to say about anything....all while everything in the world seemed to be going on.

I've been busy with school work, church activities, a new Bible study, and just daily life in general.  But we also experienced a death in our family (Scott's Uncle Alton lost his battle with cancer on March 1st) and I was sick with a horrible cold and migraines all this past week.

As I lay in my bed resting this afternoon, I tried to process everything...all the emotions that come along when we look death in the face.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death......

It reminds us of just how vulnerable we really are....just how fragile life really is.....just how much we need Jesus.  Yes, sickness and death have a way of reminding us of what's really important in life if we let them.

I was thankful that Dillan was able to come home the first of the week and has been here to even speak words of encouragement to me through all of this.  Sometimes we have our deepest and dearest conversations when I least expect it. There I lay, resting in bed, and he popped in to see what I was doing. Our conversation turned into a discussion about God's faithfulness, chasing our dreams,  and seeking God's Will for our lives.

Scott had been napping and eventually wound up back there and joined in the conversation with us.  I think we all felt encouraged and enjoyed a delicious steak and baked potato supper [yum], afterwards.......compliments of Chef Scott.

I'm so grateful to be feeling better and am looking forward to spring break this week!  I'll start my last 8-week class at Liberty on the 17th and I'll be done with school!  Graduation is May 10th!   Scott and I will be traveling to Lynchburg, Virginia that weekend for me to walk in the ceremony...and I'm so excited that my sister, Shaana is also graduating!  Our families will be traveling together to celebrate our accomplishments that weekend.

We've been getting a taste of spring around here lately and I've also been doing a little spring decorating around the house.  I'm really loving what I did on the living room mantel this year!  Totally different from anything I've done before.  I'll put up a picture soon.

Until then, I hope all is well with each of you.  I hope you are getting some spring weather too after this horribly cold winter we have all had.  Don't forget.....set your clocks up one hour tonight.  Time's changing and we have to spring forward!

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