Some of my favorite people

I just cannot express to you how much Scott and I love these two young ladies.  Dillan met Courtney & Sterling over a year ago in Atlanta when he started attending Georgia State's BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries).  They quickly became the best of friends and are such an encouragement to Dillan in so many ways.  Their walk with God not only inspires him, but it inspires me as well.  

Sterling has worked very hard to form Georgia State's first Christian sorority, Sigma Alpha Omega.  They recently held their first spring formal and Dillan attended as Courtney's date.  Don't they all look beautiful? 

Dillan's also been keeping pretty busy in his acting endeavors.  He's been on The Origianls on CW several times, either as an extra or a 'Night Walker'.  I can't keep up with what scenes he's supposed to appear in, so you can just imagine my surprise to see him pop up on the screen in a scene with 'Elijah' last week.

Here's a better picture of this particular scene that wasn't taken from this mama's iphone ;)

He's also been asked about doing some more modeling lately.  I love this shot of him recently.  I've got it framed on my desk at work.  

I just started my last class at Liberty University.  I'll be graduating in 8 weeks!  I can already taste the freedom of the summer!  Looking forward to a beach trip and NO HOMEWORK!
family vacation in Panama City Beach, FL in 2012

So what have you been up to lately?  Are you as ready to jump into summer as I am?

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